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Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude

There comes a time in every boy's life when he has to make the transition from testosterone-fuelled teenager to masculine maturity. Larry Laffer was a lecherous legend and star of numerous PC adventure titles, so who better then to guide his nympho nephew through the carnal calamities of college life?

The basic premise is simple. Larry Jnr, loser and lothario in equal measure, must attempt to pull as many cute girls as possible, ultimately appearing on reality dating show 'Swingles'. There's a whole bevy of beauties for Larry to get intimate with, but put your tongue back in your mouth because LSL has more cheese than Tesco's dairy counter. Littered with a hilariously naughty narration and dirty dialogue, this is toilet humour at its very best - crude, lewd, but very, very funny - sure to strike a chord with the majority of the games-playing demographic.

LSL accomplishes this through all manner of mirth-filled mini-games. Talking to girls is the best starting point, and you'll need some silky schmoozing skills to progress. Every guy gets hot under the collar when talking to chicks, so keep Larry's raging hormones under control by manoeuvring Larry's little tadpole (yep, really) through a minefield of gaffes, gripes and gas emissions, all of which lower your appeal to the girl in question. Think Space Invaders with sperm. In a great comic touch, hit one of these hazards and the conversation will change, mostly for the worse, so stay away from the ones shaped like parts of the female anatomy. Seriously.

Groovy gals like nothing better than dancing, so when they invite you to a little bump and grind, Larry's got to prove his mettle. For the dancing and trampoline games, simple rhythm is all you need. Hit the right buttons at the right time, as they pass through the relevant icon - just like a pornographic Parappa The Rapper. Frustratingly though, the game is slow to recognise each button tap, resulting in annoyingly difficult later, faster levels. When all else fails, alcohol is a great method for bedding girls, so challenge them to a game of 'Quarters'. Another great touch to the game is the more drunk Larry gets, the harder it is to aim.

LSL stays true to its adventure/RPG roots, and involves a hefty bit of exploration and conversation. Players get to explore progressively bigger environments as you unlock areas off campus. There are loads of characters to interact with too, most providing helpful advice or selling something that will aid your current objective. They'll buy snaps from you too, if your pervy pics (mainly of breasts and bums) are up to their standards.

Factor in the multitude of other mini-games
on offer, and LSL does provide a hefty bit of entertainment. That said, the sum of its parts doesn't quite amount to the great game it should be. There's just something missing from the end result, and though the pleasingly simple gameplay is great fun in short spurts, LSL hasn't quite got the stamina for any schlong-lasting appeal.


Though one of the most unique Xbox games out there, LSL needs more than a jar of Viagra for any lasting appeal.



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