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Padiham Case Study
Padiham: Town centre map and market location
Padiham Map
The Market
Padiham Market: View of stalls and Town Hall from car park
Padiham Market
Market: View of stalls and improvised awnings
Padiham Market
Market – Burnley Borough Council
Market – Shoppers’ survey
Padiham and the market
Padiham – Healthcheck and Action Plan
Market Town Report Links.
Case Study: Clitheroe Case Study: Penrith Case Study: Ulverston
Case Study: Cockermouth Case Study: Sandbach Shopper Survey
Market Town Report

You can download the Countryside Agency Market Town Report complete in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format 6.7MB.
(Right click on the link and choose 'save target as' from the menu)