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Honoring Those Who Swerved

Today, many of the people who supported our undeclared war on Viet Nam in the nineteen sixties and early 'seventies would admit, in retrospect, that it was a terrible mistake. President Johnson's Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara has admitted, and the top-secret Pentagon Papers verify, that our leaders suspected as early as 1968 that we could never win the war that went on to claim 58,000 American lives.

Honoring Resisters

Hundreds of thousands of Americans struggled to bring an end to the Viet Nam War. Tens of thousands of draft resisters risked their freedom refusing to participate in a war they knew was wrong. On the campuses of Kent State and Jackson State six students lost their lives protesting that war. As the United States Postal Service recognizes those who served, let us also honor those who refused to serve the economic interests and military strategy that led our country into the disastrous quagmire of the Viet Nam War.

Print Size:6.75 x 5.95" - 20 Stamps per print - Year of Issue: 1999 - Price $50

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