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Made in Great Britain
See also Moto Guzzi Ambassador

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History of the Marque: Ambassador
Article on Ambassador History
See also DMW, who bought the factory in the early 1960s. Ambassadors were fitted with Villiers engines.

Sun Jan 06 2008
Ambassador Sidecar
Does anybody have any information on the 1955 Ambassador Sidecar model or the Surrey Rambler sidecar that these bikes were fitted with?
I own about eight Ambassadors, mainly Supremes and Embassys dating from the early 1950's and have just acquired the Sidecar model, but without the chair. 
I have quite a bit of information relating to Ambassador motorcycles and can help with general queries if I'm able. It is ususally possible to date and identify the various models from the bike's frame number.

Please be aware that spare parts, particularly cycle parts are now very hard to find. Villiers engine parts on the other hand, are more plentiful.
There is no specific owners club for Ambassadors, although the bikes are catered for by the British Two Stroke Club. The man who probably knows more about Ambassador motorcycles than anyone else, with nearly fifty years experience of the marque is Fred Hibbert, 75 Victoria Park Road, Buxton, Derbyshire, England, SK17 7PF. Fred is not contactable by email.
Please email me if youcan help with the Sidecar. I would be particularly interested to know if any others exist, especially in Australia/NZ.
Finally, just to point out that I do not have any bikes or spares for sale.
Michael Easton

Michael was kind enough to send us an historical article on the history of Ambassador motorcycles: Ambassador History

Wed Oct 31 2007
Finding year of manufactur from chassis No
Ambassador chassis No S961103
Could you please supply me with the year and model from the chassis No S961103. This is for the DVLA.The motorcycle was built with the Petter diesel engine by E.Dorsett in 1982 the DVLA are using this as year of manufacture.I know the Ambassador was built from 1946 -64.If possible could you please confirm this in writing for me to send to the DVLA as proof of manufacture.   Leslie Walker

Sun Sep 23 2007
Ambassador Motorcycles
Three Star Special
As the index tells,the last ones were equipped with fibreglass bodies. I encl.a picture of my -64 with squaretubed frame,must be one of the last ones? Norway


Sat Jun 23 2007
could you please let know if there are any clubs in the uk for these motorcycles
uk in general

Numerous classic clubs listed here:

Tue Jun 19 2007
Ambassador worth ??
1950 Ambassador
I may take on an Ambassador restoration,the bike is in baskets, don't know if it's complete,what should I expect to pay?
Orlando Florida

Try this page for help with motorcycle valuations. Ed.

Mon Jun 18 2007
Ambassador Popular Battery?
1954 Ambassador Popular
Can any body tell me what dry cell battery was fitted to my Popular, please? 
I have recently acquired the bike and it came without a battery.
Does anyone have a picture of a battery carrier?
Many thanks,

There may be some information on our page about Classic Motorcycle Electrics.

Sun Jun 10 2007

Hi, I'm trying to find out what model Ambassador I have, and any information as to what the original model would have had on it????? The front forks are unsusual as the telescopic tube extend through the yoke and attach to a cantalever at the top.

Can you supply the frame number, this may help identify the machine.
Sat Jun 23 2007
Sunday June 10th
Our Australian friend who posted a query on the above date has a 1950 series 5, the only model fitted with those curious forks, see my own posting. Ken Elliott
Mon Jul 02 2007
1950's Serise 5
I have found a number on the frame which seams to be the only one that looks like it is the frame # but the first number is unreadable but may be able to match wat I have...
Frame # ?1092306.
Have attach photo of same.
Garry Harding
Adelaide, Australia.
Ambassador Series 5 1950 Australia.jpg
Ambassador Series 5 1950 Australia
Ambassador Series 5 1950 framenumber.jpg
Ambassador Series 5 1950 framenumber
Any clue's as to what the linkage on the left hand foot peg would have connected to
Photo of the linkage may give some idea
Adelaide, Australia
Hi, you may have seen from the site that you have a 1950 Series 5 Ambassador. It was the only year these curious forks were fitted. Before they had Webbs pressed steel girders, after MP teles. The series 5 was the first one with a lead acid battery, this was charged through the standard lighting coils via a rectifier. On mine this was shot, so I fitted a Jap one from a small 2-stroke. The engine was a Villiers 6E, three speed box. Wheels were 300+19 inch. Do you have all the bits for it? Are Villiers parts available in Australia? The Series 5 is very rare here in UK, I only know of one other here. If you need any more info, please ask. Regards, Ken

Sat May 05 2007
1950 series 5
hi i have an ambassador 1950 series 5 for sale if anyone is interested

Ambassador 1950 Series 5.jpg
Ambassador 1950 Series 5

Hello, attached is a picture of my series 5. I bought it in the early 1980s. It was attached to a home made sidecar, a wooden box body looked to have been used by a builder or decorator. The sidecar chassis had been narrowed and shortened to fit the bike, quite a neat job had been done on it. As you can see, the flywheel mag was missing, but engine was very good inside. Only had to change the mag side bearing and seal. As you can see, the series 5 was fitted with tool box, battery box and battery lights. The rectifier was shot, so changed it for a later Japenese job, also ran the bike on coil ignition, much more reliable. Took it to a rally in Belgium, and one in France, this one in a Transit van! Too far to ride, even for me. The carb had an air slide controlled by a wire to the handlebars, for cold start, no choke on the air filter. The exhaust was straight thro' with a butterfly flap controlled by another handlebar lever, to mute it a bit in built up areas, sounded great when fully open! I think this was an after sales mod. I replaced it with a pattern Burgess silencer. Ken

Ambassador Series 5 NKK82.jpg
Ambassador Series 5 NKK82

Fri Apr 27 2007
Ambassador Badges
1949 Series 3 Ambassador
Just wondering if anyone out there has a photo of a tank badge of an Ambassador only ever seen one, if anyone has any for sale am willing to buy them. Thanks for any help, Andrew.

Try this page:
Hello, I had a look at Acromartys query. His bike would have looked like the attached picture. (1954 Popular, following on the basic models, Series 1,2,3,4, but with 8E engine, not 6E), Only difference would be the forks, his would have the pressed steel Webbs girders.
Ken Elliot.
Ambassador 1954 Popular.jpg
Ambassador 1954 Popular

Fri Mar 02 2007
Ambassador Motorcycles
Model 197 ?
I have been offered an Ambassador M/C with girder forks. Did they make one with girder forks?

Hello, just in case no one has answered your query, the first Ambassador m/c came in 1947. They were fitted with Webbs pressed steel girder forks and a Villiers 5E engine. In 1949 same frame, 6E engine.  This basic model ran until 1951. In 1950 came two new models, one had Kaye Dons' own design of telescopic front fork. In 1954 basic model fitted with 8E, still with girder forks. In 1955, all models fitted with MP teles. Hope this is of help. Any more info, just ask. Ken ken.elliott3<at>

Thu Jan 25 2007
motocicleta Ambassador

Hola a todos en el foro, soy luis castro de Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico y he comprado recientemente una motocicleta Ambassador con motor Villiers 197cc. la cual quiero restaurar, pero desconosco el modelo y año  de la moto, el motor tiene la serie: 544B 540 y no encontre el numero del cuadro(desconosco donde va) en mucho agradecere cualquier informacion del modelo  o fotos de su estado original, Gracias y saludos
Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico

Robotrans: ....have bought a Ambassador motorcycle recently with Villiers motor 197cc. which I want to recover, but desconosco the model and año of moto, the motor has the series: 544B 540 and encontre I do not number of cuadro(desconosco where it goes) in much agradecere any information of the model or photos of its original state...
hi, just saw your query on ambassador web site. i have a book on villiers engines, it says your engine number would have been in a Cotton Motorcycle, type Vulcan, frame number 58225. hope this is a help.
Ambassador Villiers 197cc Mexico.jpg
Ambassador Villiers 197cc Mexico

Had another mail from Luis castro, in Spanish, so couldn't understand it! He sent a picture
of his bike, definitely an Ambassador, with the diamond shaped tank badge, teles and swing arm, so looks like the book picture of a Statesman or Popular, about 1958-9. So the book was wrong about his engine number!. Ken

Perhaps not - the engine may have been changed. Ed.

Mon Dec 18 2006
ambassador restoration
1954 197cc
attached pic of my late father's Ambassador

Ambassador 197cc 1954.jpg
Ambassador 197cc 1954

Mon Dec 04 2006
Ambassador Information
Ambassador 1949 Villiers 197cc
I have owned this bike for 10 years now. Until recently it lived under cloth in storage but I
now have it out fully working and in near mint-condition.

I would be happy to provide any information you require about the bike, including photos (closeups) etc.
New Zealand

Ambassador 1949 Villiers 197cc NZ.jpg
Ambassador 1949 Villiers 197cc NZ

Sun Nov 26 2006 [bounced]
recently purchased a 1949 Ambassador 197cc and would appreciate any information that anyone could provide me with as i wish to restore it to its former glory.Would love to get hold of any photos of a bike that has been restored  to factory specs, also any history of the bikes and company as this is my first restoration and first ambassador thanks to anyone that can help.

Wed Nov 15 2006
Ambassador model

Hi all,

I just bought this bike to restore, and i believe it's am Ambassador, but I'm not sure of the model or year. Any help would be appreciated, particularly a copy of a workshop manual.

Thanks In advance.

Ambassador derelict.jpg
Ambassador derelict

Tue Oct 24 2006
ambassador motorcycles
statesman 175 2L 1958
hi i own an 1958 model statesman (quite rare i beleive) anyone else out there have the same model.
just email me
thanx mick.

Fri Sep 01 2006[at]
ambassador mk3
hi can you please help ive tryed taping in the villers eng no but dont get any where the no is ser 4163 any help gratefully recieved
gillingham kent
dont have a picture at the moment but it is a Ambassador MK3 quite rare the only info i have is from the old style log book eng no SER 4163, eng size is 197 cc
                                          yours don 

Had a look at don yoga query, his engine no. doesn't match any in the Bacon book. 1948 Mk 3 started Engine No. 809-154, Frame 3058595. 1949 Mk3, eng.809-1450, fra. 3291375. 1950 Mk3 eng. 944-15484, fra. 44503266. 1951 Mk3 eng. 949-27261, fra. 311504711. Could well be fitted with replacement engine. Ken Elliot.

Sun Jul 02 2006
engine #
hi, i have a villiers motor with the number  94922874 stamped on yhr mount  and   b70d5 stamped on thr cyl  also fk2 stampewd on other side of cyl .  any help on id would be greatlt recivied. thanx .  i was told it was a francis barnett , but i'm not sure that is correct.

This page on Villiers Engine Numbers is the only source I have for such information, but I don't think the numbers you have supplied will appear here. Ed.
thanx with your info , i  found out it's a 1949 ambassador.  the motor is all there ,  great condition .  , has comp.  and looks like it will run  . frame is great shape , well painted , no rust .  but missing fenders , lights  , front brake cable .. .  any idea  what these things are worth ? thanx again for your time . you helped a great deal.
Try this page for help with motorcycle valuations. Ed.

Mon May 15 2006
ambassador 197cc
hello.i'm joao curado from portugal and i have an 197cc ambassador to email:

i dont know anithing about my bike.any help nedd.thanks

Fri Mar 10 2006
front end psrts

Fri Feb 03 2006
Knowing villiers
I have a bike looks like the Ambassador its got a villiers engine with no AAA26878A I need more info on this pls could u help
Goa India

Tue Jan 24 2006
Ambassador Motorcycles
Is there somewhere in Europe an owners club?

I would recommend the British Twostroke Club. Ed.

Sun Dec 25 2005

Sat Nov 05 2005
Identification of Ambassadore?
I have a motorcycle which I believe may be an 1949 Ambassadore. It has a Villiers 197cc engine. E/No 809-572 Frame No UD/530. Can you identify it by these no's? Any help would be appreciated.

Ambassador 1949 Villiers 197cc.jpg
Ambassador 1949 Villiers 197cc

Hi, saw your query on Ambassador website. Your engine number is from 1948 Series 3, the frame number should be a row of seven numbers. The first in the series was 3058595, so yours should look like that, cannot place the frame number you give with any British built bike. Do you have a picture? Regards, Ken from england .
Thank's for you email regarding my query on my Ambassador. The bike I have is in rough condition. I have had several email's, some saying it is a Series 3, dates ranging from 1948 up to 1952, but most saying it is an Excelsior. Frame no is still unknown. I have attached a couple of picture's for you. Alan from Australia." PS. I was in England last year, loved it and your bike museum.
Hello Alan, thanks for your reply, I have a book on British post war bikes, which covers all those using Villiers engines. It is by a chap named Roy Bacon, generally accepted to know what he was talking about! Your engine is definitely one used by Ambassador, as I said. from 1948 series 3, but it is very difficult to tell much from the pictures without a frame number, as the different makes all looked much the same! Most Marques only built the frame, buying in all the other bits and pieces. Your teles are from a later bike, as Webbs girders were used on Ambassador basic Series bikes up to 1954, when they were fitted with MP teles, like yours. In 1955 they were fitted with Plunger rear suspension. So I can only guess you have a bit of a Hybrid, tho' none the worse for that, as they are great fun to ride. I enclose a picture of a 1954 Popular, which followed on in the basic Series type.

December 25, 2002
I have an Ambassador Motor cycle Series III. The engine is a Villiers 197cc. I need a lot of parts to restore it. Anybody who can send me pictures please? It would be much appreciated.  --  Charles from Gozo.  --  chagalea at
P.S. I attach an old photo of my bike.

November 10, 2002
Hi; my name is Roberto and I live in Hollywood California, and I have a Villiers ambassador 1950...
see Villiers Forum

September 26, 2002
When I was in high school I owned a maroon colored 1957 Ambassador...
see Villiers Forum

Can you help please I am looking for information on a bike for a friend. It is a 1952 or 53 Ambassador with a 197cc Villiers motor.  ...
see Villiers Forum

January 21, 2002
I appear to be in the same boat you are. I have been given (I do not have it yet) an Ambassador MC with a Villiers 2T twin.  I was looking for a club in England that might point me in the correct direction to get a parts book and owner's manual.  There is a good section in Roy Bacon's book on Villiers 2 stroke engined bikes.  If you find anything, please let me know
Mike Sullivan  --  Mike.Sullivan at rfmacdonald

June 26, 2001
... a 1964/65 vintage Ambassador motorcycle and is after...
See British Motorcycle Forums

February 19, 2001
Denmark 19.02.01
I would like to get in contact with other Ambassador owners from all over the world. My 197ccm Ambassador from 1948 is not running and not complete, so I need all the information on spare parts that I can get (what do they look like and where can I find them).  I have been able to find some information on the Ambassador motorcycle, and would naturally be glad to help other Ambassador owners.  The free information that I could give is e.g. a copy of my instruction manual and spare part list, or photos of different parts.  Please mail back, if you are interested. Jesper Rotboell from Denmark  --  jr at

If you have a query about Ambassador motorcycles, or wish to share your knowledge of these classic English machines, please contact us!

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