lebanon under siege - flag.jpgTime shown on the left is the local time in Beirut, Lebanon

The Arab ministerial committee arrived Wednesday morning and has had meetings with Lebanese leaders throughout the day.

23:55 The Hezbollah strongholds in southern Beirut ended the Future TV (al Mustaqbal ) broadcasts in their area by deleting the station from the cable distribution network. Hezbollah last week destroyed and set on fire the "Future TV" operations in western Beirut which forced the network to close down for several days. Future went back on the air last night using its operations in the Christian section of east Beirut

23:55 "Al Jazeera": the opposition has canceled its civil disobedience campaign but not the sit in campaign that has been taking place for the past 18 months in downtown Beirut and which has resulted in the bankruptcy of hundreds of private business and the layoff of thousands of employees

23:17 intensive gunfire pointed at the skies of Beirut following the revocation of the 2 controversial government resolutions on the firing of the Shiite airport security chief who collaborated with Hezbollah and Hezbollah's illegal communications network

22:05 Hariri met Arab ministerial delegation and invited all the members for dinner at his home in Quraitem

22:04 Misbah Al-Ahdab told "Future TV": The army is guarding the arms that were found in Tripoli , but why it did not protect the airport , the institutions, the media, and the citizens of this country

21:46 Arslan tells aoun's OTV : If the government does not backtrack on its resolutions , the only way for us is to go to the Grand Serail ( the government headquarters) . We have tolerated a lot of nonsense and conspiracy by the government. I am ready to protect with my eyes the resistance, (meaning Hezbollah) . Treason in this country has become a sanctioned point of view.

21:30 Geagea: "The biggest problem that we need to tackle is Hizbullah's relations with the state of Lebanon. Who is responsible for the (65+) fatalities who fell in less than a week? We reject armed civil disobedience and refuse dialogue at gunpoint."

21:20 Geagea: "What has happened is anything but civil disobedience." Regarding the government resolutions that Hezbollah has used as an excuse to ravage Lebanon, Geagea said, "The Army command is now in charge of the airport security and tackling Hizbullah's communications network.Therefore there is no need to withdraw the two government decisions."

20:40 A delegation from the Phalange party visited Franjieh at his home and in a bilateral agreement they decided spare the Christian community the disaster of any rifts

20:40 Aoun's OTV issues an unconfirmed report that prime minister Fouad Siniora has no intention to rescind resolutions already taken.

20:38 The Arab Committee arrived at Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea's residence in Zouk Mosbeh.

20:37 US State Department to expedite delivery of military aid to Lebanese army.

20:20 FPM leader Michel Aoun held a press conference: "The circumstances could be more difficult unless concessions are made.There are foreign forces that do not want a solution to come together, and we must do our best to counter that. The government's previous trend should be stopped."

20:16 ANB: UN Security Council convenes to discuss Lebanese crisis.

20:05 Hezbollah handed over to Talal Arslan four detainees from the "Progressive Socialist Party", detained during last Sunday during the clashes in Shouifat

19:32 Phalange Party President Amin Gemayel held a press conference following his meeting with the Arab delegation: "We have one priority, and that is reassurance. After the events of recent days, when Hezbollah turned its arms on the streets and villages of Lebanon, is dangerous and brought fear to the hearts of the Lebanese ... Our top priority, then, is to reassure the people, the children, in all areas of Lebanon. So we assume that the first clause in any initiative is to relieve the anxiety and ... cure the wounds of so many people - if they can be cured. The second step is to continue the Arab initiative and elect a president, form a national-unity government and adapt an electoral law. We recently discovered new arms, outside Hezbollah, which also needs to be handled by the army. "

19:15 The cabinet is currently discussing the controversial resolutions and according to reports leaking from the meeting the government may only abolish the resolutions if the Hezbollah-led opposition will guarantee the ending of the of civil disobedience throughout Lebanon and including downtown Beirut sit-in

19:10 Siniora is chairing a cabinet meeting . all the ministers except the resigned cabinet members are attending the meeting

19:09 Bush: The Hezbollah move is an Iranian effort to destabilize Lebanon's fledgling democracy

19:00 Arab ministerial delegation is in sin el Fil to meet with former President Amin Gemayel

U.S.General Martin Dempsey.jpg19:00 Lt. Gen. Martin Dempsey, the acting commander of U.S. Central Command, met several Lebanese officials including Defense Minister Elias Murr and army chief General Michel Suleiman to assure them the US military aid will continue . He was accompanied by Ms Sison , US ambassador to Lebanon

18:30 Bush offers his "complete" support to Siniora and his cabinet

18:20 Bush accuses Iran of destabilizing Lebanon through Hezbollah

17:25 Aoun's OTV: Lebanese army confiscates weapons it found in a depot in Hart Al Umaraa district of Shouifat

17:20 Army detonates a grenade in the Shouifat today between five and six o'clock p.m.

17:15 Arab ministerial delegation will be visiting Maarab at half past seven pm to meet with Dr. Samir Geagea of the Lebanese Forces

17:10 MP Jumblatt sent a telegram offering condolences to the Emir of Kuwait, for the death of Prince Saad Al-Sabah

17:00 Turkey announced its full support to local and international endeavors to bring peace to Lebanon

17:55 Security source: "The number of people killed so far as a result of the Hezbollah initiated violence is 65, and the number of wounded is about 200, from both the Hezbollah led opposition and the government supporters.

17:50 Arab ministerial delegation received the demands of both the government and opposition

16:45 Al Jazeera: Jumblatt handed over the delegation a message addressed to Hassan Nasrallah dealing with the dispute between the government and the Hezbollah militia

15:52 Saad Hariri: What happened in Akkar is well documented. The Future Movement protest was peaceful but gunmen of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party initiated the shooting of citizens protesting in support of Future TV. We have all the pictures on tape to prove who was behind this bloody events in Akkar and Beirut.

15:45 Arab ministerial delegation arrived at Clemenceau to meet with MP Walid Jumblatt

15:32 Schools in Sidon and the neighborhood continue be the closed for security reasons and until further notice

15:29 The Masnaa border crossing is now open.

15:25 Bulldozers trying to open the Masnaa road connecting Lebanon and Syria

15:22 Embassy of Cyprus announced following: All Lebanese that want to leave Lebanon or want to reurn to Lebanon via Cyprus will be awarded a transit visa valid for five day and can be used for travel by air or sea

15:12 LBC TV: cautious calm in the Bekaa region and an agreement was reached to reopen the Masnaa road by removing by removing the dirt barriers

15:08 Cautious calm in Tripoli and traffic began to return to normal, schools are still closed, the army intensifies its deployment in the areas of Jabal Mohsen and Bab el Tabbanih , and is patrolling the area to prevent renewed clashes

15:01 LBC TV: Berri briefed the Arab ministerial delegation and gave the point of view of opposition with regards to the recent crisis and told them that he is awaiting cancellation of the two resolutions the government issued in order to end the civil disobedience

14:25 The Arab Ministerial Committee arrives at the Grand Serail.

14:24 Media adviser of speaker Berri told the "Voice of Lebanon": the important issue is the acceptance of dialogue and going back to the way things were before May 5 and stabilizing the security situation, no additional conditions will be imposed by the opposition, we are optimistic by the Arab move and everybody should try to save Lebanon from this political crisis

14:15 Damascus declares its support to the Arab Ministerial Committee's efforts at resolving the Lebanese crisis and calls on all Lebanese to head to dialogue.

14:12 Resigned minister Salloukh from Ain al-Teeni: The Arab Ministerial Committee has no proposals to offer but is on a fact finding mission and wants to know what is happening in Lebanon, the important thing is the cancellation of the 2 resolutions issued by the government and the response to Berri's invitation for dialogue and this will revert the situation to the way things were before May 5 and we are open for dialogue in Lebanon or in Qatar

14:10 The Arab Ministerial Committee ended its meeting with Speaker Berri and headed to the the Grand Serail to meet with PM Siniora without any comments to the reporters

13:25 Hoss: Civil disobedience was a wrong move and I told the opposition to revoke this measure.

13:20 Hoss stressed the immediate election of a president to pave the way for the government's resignation.

13:10 Hoss: The only way out of the political crisis is through dialogue.

13:00 Former PM Salim Hoss during a press conference said: What Lebanon has experienced was not sectarian war, but political.

12:41 Head of the Democratic Gathering bloc Walid Jumblatt will meet with the Arab Ministerial Committee today at 2:45 p.m. in Clemenceau.

12:30 The Arab delegation arrived in Ain el Tineh.

12:23 Arab Ministerial Committee leaves airport without any comment and heads directly to meet with Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri in Ain al-Tineh.

12:05 Resigned FM Fawzi Salloukh and Head of airport security Wafiq Choucair who was fired by the government for colluding with Hezbollah, welcomed the Arab delegation at the airport.

arab league delegation 051408.jpg12:00 The Arab delegation arrived at Rafik Hariri international airport (pictured right)

11:56 Security source: The recent clashes between majority and opposition forces have left 65 people killed and around 200 injured.

11:14 New TV: The eastern path leading to Beirut airport has been opened for the Arab delegation.

11:05 MP Marwan Fares to Al-Nour radio: The weapons of the resistance are sacred, and anyone who talks about them is an Israeli traitor.

10:00 LBCI: A small opening was made in the earth mounds blocking Masnaa crossing.

8:00 The western side of the airport road was opened for traffic to facilitate travel for the Arab delegation / committee

07:35 Salim Salhab told the "Voice of Lebanon": military dialogue might lead us to catastrophe and we hope the government this evening will move a step forward towards dialogue to shield us from Catastrophe , by identifying common denominators and setting priorities for ending the impasse

07:09 gunmen fired in the air, in the main square of Anfat town after midnight last night , for about one hour, but the army intervened and ended the shooting

07:01 Al Safir Newspaper: an organization tried to sabotage the army by issuing a suspicious statement to the media which was signed by " free officers. investigation revealed there is no such organization

06:49 Al Safir Newspaper: Arab diplomatic personalities revealed that the committee may invite the 14 key politicians to go to Doha Qatar to have the dialogue meetings there instead of Beirut

06:20 American official told "Al-Nahar:" Washington has intensified its consultations with members of the Security Council to discuss the draft resolution which will be based on resolutions 1559 and 1701 and contains some elements contained in the statement of the Arab League final

06:10 Zalmay Khalilzad: U.S. concerned over the Hezbollah's resort to violence against the Lebanese people and we warned not long time ago that Hezbollah is rearming itself again, we have seen and we continue to see the use of illegal force against Lebanese institutions and the Lebanese people

06:09 Spokesman for the U.S. Mission to the United Nations: Discussions are continuing between members of the Security Council regarding the situation in Lebanon and its is very clear that we are concerned about what is happening and we condemn the violence and see that Hezbollah is the one who stands behind this situation with the help of Syria and Iran

06:00 Cabinet meets this evening to discuss the two controversial resolutions

05:59 Arab ministerial delegation will arrive this morning in Beirut

05:58 Ministerial source: the agenda before was a 3 way dialogue: presidency, government and election law, and today has become a 4 way dialogue after adding the Hezbollah arms after the controversial use of these weapons against the Lebanese people throughout the country .

05:50 An-Nahar Newspaper: the first meeting of the Arab ministerial committee will be in Ain al Tinal with Speaker Nabih Birri, where the emphasis will be on the two controversial resolutions that the opposition has been after the government to rescind . The local media referred to these issues as "Open Sesame"

05:44 The delegation of the Arab Ministerial Committee is arriving this morning in Beirut and the first item on its agenda will be the backtracking by the government on the 2 controversial resolutions.

1- The issue of spying by Hezbollah on the airport and the firing of the general that collaborated with Hezbollah in spying

2- The illegal communications network of Hezbollah that was completed by the Iranians as they were repairing the houses of the Shiites destroyed during the 2006 war

05:38 ministerial sources: All things are postponed until after the arrival of the Arab Committee and the cabinet meeting will not take place before the prime minister knows the exact agenda of the Arab committee

dalal cartoons - dialogue at gunpoint.jpgCartoon by Dalal - Dialogue round table as seen by the Lebanon majority , which was described as Negotiation at gunpoint using what was once considered a resistance weapon

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