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This L.A. quintet never lived up to its "new Guns n' Roses" hype, but Buckcherry are once again kicking out unfussy glam jams after a four-year hiatus. Their third album mixes buzz-saw guitars, Cheap Trick melodies and Josh Todd's throaty wail, and sleek rockers like "Crazy Bitch" do catchy sleaze rock at least as well as Velvet Revolver.


(Posted: Apr 10, 2006)


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FRANCINE writes:

5of 5 Stars

yes oh my god there great i love them there even better in concert josh todd's voice is something that stand out compared to anyone or anyother band around there a great group of guys who love what they do and love there fans and is doing a damm good job at what there doing watch out everyone cause buck cherrys coming and your nuts if ya dont love them

Sep 24, 2006 17:21:40

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