Herstal’s small arms are leaders in the market and the new 5.7x28mm maintains that reputation.

Belgium’s FN Herstal is a leading developer of small arms with a reputation for fielding innovative weapons systems. The 5.7x28mm ammunition is made up of three highly advanced components, developed to address 21st-century requirements for close- quarter combat, urban warfare, special operations and air and ground vehicle crew personal defence. These components are:

• P90 Submachine gun. Light, compact, and easy to fire, both semi and full automatic with a 50-round magazine.

• 5.7x28mm ammunition. This is lighter, recoils less than comparative weapons and penetrates over 48 layers of kevlar at 200m.

• Five-seveN Pistol. This is a light weapon with a 20-round magazine. Double-action and single-action models are available.

Together these deliver unprecedented small-arms performance from point-blank range to 200m. The 5.7x28mm weapons systems meets today’s demands and will remain state of the art for military operations for many years to come.


The SS190 ammunition used in the 5.7x28mm weapons system is far superior to existing 9mm rounds that FN Herstal says are old and obsolete for military operations. The SS190 ball round weighs half as much as a 9mm round and its size allows the P90 submachine gun to carry a 50-round magazine that is only slightly longer than a 9mm, 30-round magazine.

Thirty per cent less recoil means that the 5.7x28mm enhances accuracy in rapid- aimed shots and full automatic fire. It provides an almost flat trajectory up to 200m, does not deform or fragment on impact and the projectile’s tumbling action ensures a high probability of incapacitation.

The SS190 projectile transfers almost all its energy to the target on impact, minimising over-penetration and so greatly reducing collateral risks to friendly/non-combatants. In contrast a 9mm round loses only 30 per cent of its energy on the primary target and often causes unintended damage well beyond the area of engagement. A 9mm FMJ round will not penetrate modern body armour, whereas the SS190 round will penetrate modern fragmentation vests and helmets at ranges up to 200m.

The 5.7x28mm family of ammunition also includes the L191 tracer, the Sb193 subsonic for use with sound suppressor and the new T194 training round to reduce backstop damage. They form a complete range of cartridges that meet all military user requirements. The tracer round produces a visible trace from 20 to over 200m. Its trajectory matches the ball round.

P90 submachine gun

The P90 is superior to other submachine guns in every way. It is lighter, less bulky and easier to handle even in confined spaces. 5.7x28mm ammunition is half the weight of 9mm, creates far less recoil and the muzzle velocity produces a very flat trajectory for rapid target engagements. The P90 and 5.7x28mm ammunition form a weapons system that defeats tactical body armour, maximises primary effect and reduces risk of collateral damage. Light, 3kg (6.6lb) when fully loaded, and extremely compact, just 500mm (19.7in), the P90 has the firepower of a military carbine.

The P90 is fielded in over 20 countries in all environments. Significant features include safety, it won’t fire if accidentally dropped, and it is manufactured from space-age materials that are corrosion resistant. The safety cocking handle and magazine release are fully ambidextrous. Accessories available include: side and top Picantinny rails (MIL STD 1913); internal or external lasers (visible or infra-red); optical red dot sight; sound superior; tactical light; brass catcher; carrying sling and cleaning kit. The magazine release has latches on both sides and the 50-round magazine is made of tough see-through polymer so that an instant ammo check may be made. The safety and firing selector has safe, single shot and full automatic settings. There is an ergo-nomic trigger guard that allows for full use while wearing arctic or NBC gloves. From the ejection port brass is ejected downwards, so that there is no hazard or distraction to the shooter.

Accessories for P90 submachine gun

Triple-rail configuration with three MIL STD 1913 Picantinny rails (top and both sides) provides maximum flexibility for user options:

• The P90 standard model is available with an optional laser sight (visible or infra-red) that is fully integrated without the need for any modifications of the weapon.

• An optional sound suppressor attaches directly to the standard flash hider and reduces the sound level by 30dbA when used with subsonic rounds.

• A tactical light and an external laser

are available that mount onto the accessory rail. A tactical light also may be mounted on the left accessory rail, as can the external laser.

Five-SeveN pistol

FN Herstal describe their pistol as ‘safe, accurate and reliable’. The Five-seveN pistol and 5.7x28mm ammunition assure far greater penetration and incapacitation than any other handgun or side arm. Lighter than any comparable pistol, 744g (1.6lb) with a 20-round magazine, the Five-seveN pistol enables personnel to engage and defeat an enemy wearing light armour at ranges well beyond all issued military handguns.

The weapon’s smooth design allows fast field stripping and requires no tools. Additional options include modular laser (visible or infra-red) and tactical light.

The P90 is easy to handle even in confined spaces

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