ESPN story on Mayo comes as no big shock

Cook's Corner: A Commentary: ESPN story on Mayo comes as no big shock

Cook's Corner: A Commentary

By Ben Cook, Monday May 12, 2008
The ESPN story on the buying and selling of O. J. Mayo as presented on ESPN's Outside the Lines this weekend was interesting television. Not surprising, just interesting. Imagine a super talented basketball player being recruited, bought and paid for by a sports agent or his emissary even while he was still in high school. Imagine that same player going to college and enjoying all the perks — doesn't every dorm room have a flat screen TV in it? — that go along with being a pampered super star. ESPN thought this was big news. It would be bigger news to find one who hasn't been bought and paid for today.   The Outside the Lines report was thorough, well done with a whistleblower on camera who had been on the inside and receipts documenting many of the abuses—perks?—that took place. The whistleblower, one Louis Johnson, even said that Mayo was just "playing the game" and he didn't mean the basketball game. He meant the superstar game. By the end of the show, anybody who didn't believe the story was true just had not been paying attention. Read More.

Lindy's Sports Poll : Sports Will Georgia win the SEC in 2008?

New coordinators bring new look to the SEC

By Ben Cook, Monday May 12, 2008
The Southeastern Conference is going to have a new coaching look to it this fall. It's not at the top, although Arkansas will look new with Bobby Petrino running the show and Ole Miss will be led by a new face in Oxford but not a new one for the SEC with Houston Nutt in charge.But the real change is going to be in the coordinators — there are 11 new ones in the 24 offensive and defensive coordinator positions around the conference. Read More...

Closed down: A lost weekend for Gagne, Izzy

By Ben Cook, Sunday May 11, 2008
It's been a bad week for closers.Make that, ex-closers.When Milwaukee arrived in St. Louis on Friday to open a four-game series, both clubs had established closers in Jason Isringhausen and Eric Gagne. Now they don't.Isringhausen of the St. Louis Cardinals and Gagne of the Milwaukee Brewers have been demoted from their closer roles after lousy performances this week."His stuff is not a problem. Read More...

Dawgs' got eyes set on SEC bone in '08

By Matt Lowe, Friday May 9, 2008
As the weather warms and winter becomes a thing of the past, we are often reminded that college football is only a stones throw away.   Living in the South, football is a daily discussion over an afternoon lunch or an adult beverage of choice at the local pub after work. And when football is the subject, most likely, the SEC is the topic.  LSU won the conference last season behind gutsy performances from guys like Jacob Hester, Matt Flynn and Glenn Dorsey and a coach that had no fear. Read More...

NBA announces MVP and All-NBA teams

By Lang Greene,, Friday May 9, 2008
The National Basketball Association has released the 2007-08 All NBA Teams. No surprises on the first team with league MVP Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul and Kevin Garnett making the cut. The All-NBA Teams were chosen by a panel of 127 sportswriters and broadcasters throughout the United States and Canada. Read More...

Nets name Vandeweghe as new general manager

By Lang Greene,, Friday May 9, 2008
Kiki Vandeweghe became the New Jersey Nets' general manager yesterday, less than six months after being hired as a special assistant to team president Rod Thorn.Vandeweghe replaces Ed Stefanski, who left in midseason to become the general manager of the Philadelphia 76ers."We are very pleased that Kiki will continue his relationship with the Nets' organization," Thorn said. Read More...

Miles' dilemma familiar to other coaches

Cook's Corner: A Commentary

By Ben Cook, Thursday May 8, 2008
The career of Ryan Perrilloux at LSU presented Les Miles with a dilemma that college football coaches absolutely hate. And it is one that college coaches deal with almost annually with one player or another.The question is just how far do you go with a player — who is actually, don't forget, just a college student — before you have to say enough is enough and cut him loose? Coaches do form attachments to players. Read More...

APR scores hold little interest for college sports fans

Cook's Corner: A Commentary

By Ben Cook, Thursday May 8, 2008
The latest Academic Progress Report is out and the hand-wringing and the wrist-slapping has begun.NCAA President Myles Brand, in his never-ending quest to turn all of college athletics into the Ivy League, has handed out penalties to the schools that have under performed and has applauded those who have. Mostly, fans of college athletics have yawned. In the perfect world, this would not even be a subject. Read More...

Fourth time the unlucky charm for LSU's Perrilloux

By staff, Friday May 2, 2008
The old baseball standard of three strikes and you are out did not apply to Ryan Perrilloux, the heir apparent to the LSU starting quarterback job this season.Instead, it took four strikes to get the 6-3, 222-pound junior-to-be off the LSU roster, but that happened Friday morning when LSU coach Les Miles announced Perrilloux was gone.“Ryan was given every opportunity to be a part of this football team,” Miles said. Read More...

BCS commissioners again slap the fans in the face

Cook's Corner, a Commentary

By Ben Cook, Thursday May 1, 2008
Nobody really expected anything different, but it made for a nice diversion anyway.The BCS meetings in Hollywood, Florida ended the way we thought they would—with the fat cat BCS commissioners (and Notre Dame AD Kevin White, of course) went home secure in the knowledge that they have once again denied the public what it really wants in the terms of a college football playoff.And, well, there is that other thing. Read More...

Clemens should have stayed retired the first time

Cook's Corner, a Commentary

By Ben Cook, Thursday May 1, 2008
Remember when Roger Clemens retired the first time?It was with a roll of drums and a great trumpet fanfare. Perhaps the greatest pitcher of all-time was hanging up his spikes. Even if you were not a fan of The Rocket, you have to admire and respect him.Then he came back and it made us feel like we had been played as a fool. Read More...

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Lindy's Sports Ranking Final Associated Press Poll
1. LSU (12-2) ... Les Miles finally gets his own national championship.
2. GEORGIA (11-2) ... Some thought they were best at the end.
3. USC (11-2) ... Still a disappointment for Trojans.
4. MISSOURI (12-2) ... A grand year for Tigers.
5. OHIO STATE (11-2) ... SEC teams have derailed two shots at national title.
6. WEST VIRGINIA (11-2) ... Ugly end of season; even uglier offseason.
7. KANSAS (12-1) ... Why weren't Jayhawks ranked higher?
8. OKLAHOMA (11-3) ... Sooners lay another BCS Bowl game egg.
9. VIRGINIA TECH (11-3) ... Frank Beamer and Hokies just keep rolling.
10. BOSTON COLLEGE (11-3) ... Missing ACC title and BCS bowl was disappointing.
11. TEXAS (10-3) ... Big bowl win didn't ease pain of A&M loss.
12. TENNESSEE (10-4) ... National and SEC titles a distant memory.
13. FLORIDA (9-4) ... Tebow got his Heisman, but Gators lost in bowl game.
14. BRIGHAM YOUNG (11-2) ... Bowl win over Pac-10 team a good way to end.
15. AUBURN (9-4) ... Change in offense has future looking bright.
16. ARIZONA STATE (10-3) ... Losing two of final three hurt.
17. CINCINNATI (10-3) ... Bearcats could challenge for top of Big East in '08.
18. MICHIGAN (9-4) ... Look out Big Ten, here comes the spread!
19. HAWAII (12-1) ... Sugar Bowl loss was an eye-opener.
20. ILLINOIS (9-4) ... Illini are here to stay under Zook.
21. CLEMSON (9-4) ... Despite bowl loss, Tigers are team to beat in ACC.
22. TEXAS TECH (9-4) ... Red Raiders offense is a thing of beauty.
23. OREGON (9-4) ... Ducks deserved better with a healthy Dixon.
24. WISCONSIN (9-4) ... Loses just five seniors ... will be a factor in Big Ten.
25. OREGON STATE (9-4) ... Will open season with a four-game winning streak.