From L - R:

John Patelis: Vocals
Pete Lallis: Guitar
Mark Cross: Drums
Nicko Freeman: Bass

Additional Musicians:
Mike Armagos: Guitar
Alex Douglas: Bass
Harry Karaolides: Keyboards
Sandy Pol: Vocals


Audio samples
Magna Carta
MBI 1990/MC-Beats 2003 buy

Magna Carta started out in 1989. Before that the members featured with two songs on the metal sampler "Greece Attacks" under the name Digital and Analog Dreams in 1988. They didn't have a name yet and picked those just for fun, exactly the time when everything became digital.
The name Magna Carta had much to offer, a great historical event since the liberation papyrus of 1215, when the lords of England compelled freedom of speech for everyone, not knowing yet that an English band existed under the same name since the early 70's.
They were all outstanding musicians, John had a tremendous high range, Pete was a unique virtuosive guitar player and talented musician, Nick studied later at the M.I.T. in Los Angeles vocals,  composition and harmony, and Mark we all know. They had known each other for years and one could hear that in their playing.
All their songs were first recorded in English, but the label MBI forced them to rerecord the entire production in Greek.
Why? Nobody really knows why, I guess it was another money laundry as so many other productions, even though singer John Patelis was Canadian origin and the band had potential. Soon this situation ended their career and was never heard from again, only left a good reputation in the Greek rock scene! A few years later they talked about getting another album done, but as time passes, they all had gone in different directions and the spark was definitely gone.
Unfortunately many musicians wasted their talent in the Greek music industry and never had the chance and support to get out there and play!
Now after all those years the band finally made a decision and will remix the album in English and release it sometime in 2003 on the net.

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