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Differences between DDClip Free 2.23 and DDClip 3.x

Feature DDClip Free 2.23 DDClip 3.x
Price$0 (free), no registrationSee registration page
Audio tracks4Up to 32
Video tracks11 or 2
Midi tracksNo1
Support of large (>2 Gb) AVI filesNo Yes
Supported audio playback formatsOnly 3 formats:
Up to 32 bits per sample with virtually unlimited sample rate
(including 24bit/96kHz)
Use of audio files with sample rate
different from project
NoYes (starting from version 3.5)
Export audio with sample rate
different from project
Realtime audio effects
(including DirectX plug-ins support)
NoYes (not in DDClip LE)
Undo levels10999
Start video playback from arbitrary
frame (not only keyframe)
Faders/Track volumeNoYes
FadeIn/Out/CrossfadeNoYes (not in DDClip LE)
Download (HTTP) See download page
Download (FTP)  
File size:1,994,032 bytes  
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