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About Elkhart


Elkhart is a little city with big ideas. Although its population barely exceeds 51,000, its people are employed in a variety of industries that would do credit to a city several times its size. They range from small tool and die workshops to an international pharmaceutical manufacturer that employs more than 500 men and women. It is the center of the manufactured housing and recreational vehicle industry, an important source for components for the electronic industry and the band instrument capital of the world. Ingenuity has characterized its enterprise, and successful ventures have made it one of the wealthiest communities in the state.


"a little city with big ideas"

Major manufacturing groups such as musical instruments, pharmaceuticals, electronic components, recreational vehicles, and manufactured housing demonstrate the diversity of Elkhart's business community. On a direct route to Chicago from Boston, New York and Washington. D.C., Elkhart is well served by major highways, and railroads. The Robert Young Yards of Conrail in Elkhart are the world's second largest freight classification yards. Thirty national trucking firms serve the city. Interstates 80 and 90 have two Elkhart Exits.
Elkhart is built around Island Park the island resembling an elk's heart; hence, the name Elkhart. This park is located near the confluence of the beautiful St. Joseph and Elkhart rivers. The French name for the Elkhart River, Coeur De Cerf, translates to the name "Heart of a Stag."

"Major manufacturing groups... demonstrate the diversity of Elkhart's business community."

Elkhart has a high degree of natural beauty, with two rivers winding their way through the city; unusually attractive residential districts, unexcelled recreational facilities, including numerous lakes practically at the city limits: a choice geographical location, above average transportation facilities; an excellent school system and a competitive tax rate.

Elkhart County has more than 949 widely diversified manufacturing concerns in Elkhart, 869 wholesalers, 469 retail establishments and 1,096 service institutions including banks. A local symphony, Elkhart municipal band. concert club, ballet company, civic theater and an art league are living testimonials to the residents' commitment to cultural endeavors.

" ...more than 949 widely diversified manufacturing concerns..."

Elkhart has a dynamic community spirit, with people alert to world affairs and able to respond to local issues. It is a city on the move because its citizens are go-getters, public spirited and proud of their accomplishments. Many of its people are well traveled and through business connections are well acquainted with cities all over the world. But they have chosen to make Elkhart their home and, in turn, give of their time and attention to improve the city. The people who live here and work here have a stake in the conduct of both private and public business.

Farms: Elkhart county is the largest producer of dairy products in the State of Indiana. In 1992 milk production was over 279,365,000 pounds. Elkhart County ranks first in income from dairy product sales, 57th among the top beef producers in the state, seventh in the amount of farm products sold, fourth in acres of land in orchards, tenth in income from poultry production and 22nd in the number of hogs produced. Corn is the most commonly grown crop, covering 52,000 acres of the 204.574 acres in farms (figures from Elkhart County Purdue Extension Office) 9/29/93. Soybeans. alfalfa, and wheat are other significant crops in Elkhart County.

"Elkhart county is the largest producer of dairy products..."

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