One Year, Eleven Months And Thirteen Days

That’s how long our beloved V-Squared has been helmed by me, your humble human aggregator. What was initially a six month freelance gig to cover among other things a hard fought contested 2006 Senate Race became a full time mission to cover the political blogosphere here in Tennessee. Not only did we see that race to its conclusion we saw a new mayor elected in Nashville and we got darn near through the longest Presidential Primary season in history in here in 2008.

Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to see that last one to the end with you. Today, March 14, was my last day at WKRN here in Nashville. Like many cherished colleagues before me at the Deuce, I have fallen prey to those unfortunate media budget cuts you hear about all too often these days.

It has been quite a journey and if I said everything I feel in my heart to say I’d be here writing deep into the weekend and you’d probably stop reading after the 800th word. That said, I am very proud of what we cobbled together here. While there are always things that one looks back on with regret, with a wish to be able to go back and do things differently, that is, for the most part, not the case here. Not for me.

My tenure here was much like a dream from which I’ve just begun to awaken. I hear the alarm. It went off a few hours ago. My eyes are still closed but my mind is slowly becoming aware of my surroundings. Before I do get up and splash that water on face though, let me say this.

I have always been a voracious reader of political news and opinion and to have the names of the people I’d see in print both in the body of text and the byline of those stories know my name was a thrill. To have some of them speak to me as if I were some sort of peer or respectable member of the press was a surreal experience I never really wrapped my head around.

Of course, that only happened because I was standing on the shoulders of some very generous people. Those people, of course, were you, the bloggers whose words I cut and pasted and the commenters whose sometimes inspired, sometimes delightfully ad hominem words made this space a “go-to” hub for those interested in Tennessee politics to come and see “what was going on in blogosphere.”

Many of you deserve special mention for the efforts you made in your spare time that kept me in boxed wine and peanut butter for almost two years but the embarrassing fear of leaving someone out is unfortunately overbearing at this point in time. But to all of you who have appeared, read, and commented here, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

As for those I worked with at WKRN, let me do risk mentioning a few names. To Mike Sechrist, Steve Sabato, Terry Heaton and Brittney Gilbert, the folks who birthed this baby VV, I will forever be in your debt. Thanks also GM Gwen Kinsey and News Director Matthew Zelkind who stretched the purse strings and allowed me to keep doing my thing longer than the bottom line may have warranted.

To Bob Mueller and Chris Bundgaard, it was an honor to come to the newsroom everyday and learn from you and watch you ply your trade with the skill of craftsmen and the honor and integrity of soldiers.

To Trent Seibert, thank you for showing me how a real ink-stained journalist carries it.

To my fellow web producers Heather Emmons and Christian Grantham, thank you for all your help and for counting me as a colleague.

To Michael Kilbane and Bill Satterfield thanks for news tips, the email forwards but most of all for the wealth of institutional knowledge that I took advantage of far too infrequently.

Thanks to my desk neighbors Amy Napier, Teresa Weakley and Christine Maddela for the laughs, the smiles and the lessons in ambitious journalism.

Let me also add one non-WKRN name, one Miss Rebecca, without whom none of this would have been possible.

This is Volunteer Voters post #14775. My name is Kleinheider and I will see you on the flipside

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Spitzering The Right To Privacy

Ron Paul argues that the real lesson of the Eliot Spitzer saga is being lost in the moralistic shuffling:

Recently we’ve been told that this increase in the already intolerable invasion of our privacy was justified because the purpose was to apprehend terrorists. We were told that the massive amounts of information being collected on Americans would only be used to root out terrorists. But as we can see today, this monitoring of private activities can also be used for political reasons. We should always be concerned when the government accumulates information on innocent citizens.

Spitzer was brought down because he legally withdrew cash from a bank–not because he committed a crime. This should prompt us to reassess and hopefully reverse this trend of pervasive government intrusion in our private lives.

We need no more Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act! No more Violent Radicalization & Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Acts! No more torture! No more Military Commissions Act! No more secret prisons and extraordinary rendition! No more abuse of habeas corpus! No more PATRIOT Acts!

What we need is more government transparency and more privacy for the individual!”

Can We Really Afford A Leprechaun In The White House?

Bring The Troops Home And Let Them Stay

A trip to the airport has forced Ilissa Gold to be confronted with some of the human realities of the War in Iraq:

The Democrats in Congress refuse to stand up to this President. Senator Obama or Senator Clinton….please end this war. Do not make that adorable little girl in the red and white dress sitting across from me go another day without her daddy.

Vandy Prof Appointed To The National Council on the Humanities

From Vanderbilt University:

The U.S. Senate early this morning confirmed the nomination of Carol M. Swain, Vanderbilt professor of political science and law, to the National Council on the Humanities. The appointment is for a six-year term.

The 26-member council is the advisory board of the National Endowment for the Humanities. NEH is an independent, grant-making agency of the United States government dedicated to supporting research, education, preservation and public programs in the humanities.

Swain, whose area of academic interest centers on race relations and representation, immigration and black leadership, was appointed in 2007 to the Tennessee Advisory Committee of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission.

Antisemitism On The Rise

From the Jerusalem Post:

Worldwide anti-Semitism has increased over the last decade, a US State Department report showed Friday morning.

The report states that today, more than 60 years after the Holocaust, anti-Semitism is very much an existing phenomenon rather than merely being a historical occurrence.

Without detailing exact statistics, the study concludes that US embassies the world over have, in the last 10 years, recorded a rise in attacks against the Jews as well as damage to their property and to their religious institutions.

The report notes that in addition to traditional anti-Semitic acts, new types of the phenomenon have surfaced, manifesting themselves in harsh criticism of Israel which has fostered generalizations about Jews. This form of anti-Semitism, said the report, has gained a certain degree of encouragement from UN agencies.

Under The Influence

Barack Obama has been made to account for some of his pastor’s more inflammatory comments.

Sean Braisted thinks that a candidate shouldn’t have to explain a few cherry-picked comments from their clergyman but, politics being politics, unfortunately Obama will continue to be called upon to explain his pastors words and needs to keep showing a lot of daylight between himself and Jeremiah Wright.

Yes, I think it is unfair to characterize this guy’s church based on a few comments made over a 7 years span…however, that is what people do. We do it with white church leaders, so it shouldn’t be too surprising to see it done to black church leaders.

I think Obama should explain, in greater detail, the difference between Jeremiah Wright’s political beliefs and religious ones, and how they have influenced him. Then, he should send out his fellow church member, Oprah, to talk about this issue on the news programs.

A Change Of Pace

Ben Cunningham reports on a government agency in Memphis that can’t seem to spend the money allocated for it.

The Bunker And The Big Unit

The Tennessee Republican Party points out that if you are a devoted bunker buster who wants to see them unblast the hole over at Curtiswood Lane, you may have one more chance to stop the Bredesen Bunker:

State Rep. Beth Harwell, R-Nashville, has filed an amendment to routine bonding authority legislation which would revoke bonding authority for the ballroom project.

The House Democrat leadership, which was bringing the legislation to the House floor for a vote today, panicked at the Harwell amendment and rolled the bill to Monday night’s session. Additionally, the House Democrat leadership plans to invoke their party’s “Unit Rule,” requiring all Democrat legislators to vote as the leadership wants them to vote - against the Harwell amendment.

When The Double Yellow Quadruples Itself

The Tennessee Department of Safety on its stepped up DUI enforcement on St. Patty’s Day weekend:

“St. Patrick’s Day is a popular night for many people to celebrate with friends,” said Department of Safety Commissioner Dave Mitchell. “Unfortunately, it is also a dangerous night due to impaired drivers. Don’t rely on the luck of the Irish. Act responsibly and use a designated driver or sober friend to get you home from the celebration.”

He Sure Will Try Though

Metro Pulse points out that Rep. Stacey Campfield won’t be able to out conservative his new primary opponent:

As per usual, the controversial Republican representative (and blogger) will have an opponent in the primary and most likely an opponent in the general election. But this time around the competition may get a little stiffer. Instead of the Knoxville establishment finding a young sacrificial lamb to run, Campfield will likely be opposed in the August primary by Ron Leadbetter. Leadbetter, a leader in the Young Americans for Freedom during his student days in the 1970s, is a conservative who can go toe-to-toe with Campfield on conservative issues. Leadbetter is an attorney at the University of Tennessee.


An Obama Supporter Cops To It

Geraldine Ferraro was right. Barack Obama’s political success has not been achieved independent of his racial identity according to Brendan Loy:

The fact is, in a certain sense, Ferraro’s actually right — and I say that as an Obama supporter (in the primary at least). Obama is a talented and impressive politician; he’s earned his accomplishments to date by his own efforts and talents. No question about that. And yet, a big part of his appeal in this presidential race is — as his own supporters often say — his ability, or at least perceived potential, to heal racial divides and bring the nation together. The symbolic significance of his campaign is crucial to his success, and it’s inextricably tied up in his race.

If Obama were just some white guy from Illinois, he’d probably still be in the U.S. Senate on the strength of his intrinsic political skills, but as for the presidential nomination? I’d wager he never would have been seriously considered as a candidate in 2008 — with only two years of senatorial experience when he first entered the race — and if he had run, he’d probably have flamed out faster than Joe Biden.

The Game Is The Same, The Rhetoric Just Got Less Fierce

Rick Casares AKA Mack Farmer of the Coyote Chronicles was interviewed for a Tennessean article exploring changing attitudes towards immigration revealed by an MTSU poll released last month.

Casares echoes the findings of the poll and says that his experience in the blogosphere over the past year or so has led him to believe that views are softening on the issue of immigration and that those who maintain the hard line are becoming more enlightened in their rhetoric:

Anyway, I had hoped to draw attention to the fact that from what I have read in countless blogs this past year or so, people’s attitudes toward undocumented workers seem to be significantly changing. During the interview, I was careful to repeatedly point out that I attribute this to the belief that, at their core, most people are fair and compassionate. Instead of knee-jerk, nativist rhetoric, I am noticing more thoughtful viewpoints, again, even from those who disagree with my own.

Music City Bloggers

Help Poor People By Putting Wine In Grocery Stores

Adrienne Royer is pleased about the debate going in Tennessee over putting wine in grocery stores and is hopeful that one day her beloved Trader Joe’s can start to populate the Volunteer State:

Sure the issue is fueled by special interests. Yes, there’s a stupid and rather naive debate going on about PR firms engaging in advocacy issues. But isn’t it time that we liberate our alcoholic beverages? What about our “right” to buy wine on demand? Plus the law of supply and demand would lower the prices if grocers could stock alcohol. Alcohol would be cheaper for poor people. Thus, the free market rules and poor people are helped. It’s the perfect bipartisan issue.

A Little Privacy Please

Angelia notes that for the first time in 25 years Congress has closed proceedings — to discuss a surveillance bill.

Republicans had requested privacy for what they termed “an honest debate” on the new Democratic eavesdropping measure.

The bill is opposed by the White House and most Republicans in Congress.

Lawmakers were forbidden to disclose what was said during the hour-long late-night session.

The extent to which minds were changed, if at all, should be more clear Friday, when the House is expected to openly debate and then vote on the bill.

President Bush has vowed to veto the surveillance measure, saying it would undermine the nation’s security.

Bush opposes it in part because it wouldn’t provide retroactive legal immunity for telecom companies that may have helped the government eavesdrop on their customers without court permission after the 9/11 terror attacks.

Oil And Eggs

Former Gubernatorial and state Senate candidate Mark Albertini argues for humans’ dominion over their environment and chastises Democrats for sacrificing our energy independence:

Many in this country have gone overboard in their efforts to preserve the beauty of God’s creation. God has given us these resources to use and they can and should be used in a safe and practical way for our needs. I find it of great concern we cannot provide for our own energy needs as a Nation. Unlike other commodities such as eggs, oil is currently essential to our national defense and production. A nation which cannot provide for itself cannot defend itself. We should develop cleaner sources of energy. But until we do, we must use what is available.

State Senator Doug Jackson On Colbert

Ilissa Gold and Sean Braisted inform us of the appearance of the Senator from Dickson on Comedy Central discussing his “guns in bars” bill:

Is The National Enquirer Pro-Clinton?

That’s what Sharon Cobb is saying:

I know Hillary supporters like to say she has been thoroughly vetted, but as Aunt B pointed out yesterday, one of the owners of the National Enquirer who did that hit piece on Barack Obama with the help of Bill Hobbs from the Tn GOP headquarters, is a big Clinton supporter.

Aunt B. pointed out that Roger Altman is one of the owners of the Enquirer, and that raises the question about his part in not only the fabricated story about Obama, but the absurd hit piece on John Edwards 5 months ago where the Enquirer said John Edwards was having an affair with a staffer.

Yet nary a negative word about Hillary, who would be much better fodder for a tabloid than Obama or Edwards.

So in the debate(s), I hope Obama raises the question about Clinton’s relationship with Altman. You can go to and see what he’s donated to Clinton.

Corker Puts The Fear Of Protectionism In Us

US Senator Bob Corker inserts an ominous sounding sentence in his opinion piece pimping a free trade agreement with Columbia:

Others in the region who have a very different vision for this hemisphere will be looking closely at what we do in Colombia. They don’t share our views on freedom, open markets and trade, and they will watch carefully to see if we turn our backs on an ally.

Addressing The Cooper Situation

From John Rodger’s Notebook:

A lawmaker that used campaign contributions for personal use would be fined at least the amount the candidate transferred under legislation passed by the Senate Thursday.

Last year, former Sen. Jerry Cooper (D-Morrison) resigned after a litany of legal troubles, including transferring nearly $95,000 in campaign contributions to his personal bank account.

The overseeing Registry of Election Finance fined Cooper $120,000 eventually, but not until questions were answered about whether it could fine that amount or a much lower figure of about $14,000.

Senate Democratic Leader Jim Kyle of Memphis sponsored the legislation. The bill would require the fine to equal the amount converted to personal use plus whatever penalties the Registry would access.

The Allowances Democracy Makes For A Laserbeam Focus On Matters Of State

Barack Obama was so busy schmoozing his fellow Senator during a brief visit to his day job that he forgot if he had actually achieved his stated purpose in being on the floor of the world’s most deliberative body:

From the press gallery, it was impossible to hear what Mr. Obama was saying, before he shook Mr. Casey’s hand, clapped on the opposite arm, and then headed for the cloakroom. But as Mr. Obama was about to leave the Senate chamber, he turned back, a quizzical look on his face.

He headed for the clerk’s table at the front of the room, and asked: “Did I vote on this one?” In fact, he had already voted against Mr. Alexander’s proposal.

Checking The Books

Kay Brooks has gotten deep into the records of School Board Member George Thompson and comes up with some interesting observations:

Thompson acted as his own treasurer. Maybe that explains why he has obligations noted that are never moved to the expenses columns and the numbers don’t quite balance. Does anyone check the math? It also explains how he got away with not really accounting for some $1,500 in miscellaneous expenses. It’s just sloppy bookkeeping to not have receipts for so much money. Especially when part of it is for ‘contractual fees’. Looks like his current campaign balance as of the last filing is $295.83. He started with $268.78. Further it looks like about half the money he took in came from the very people he’s supposed to be supervising in some capacity. Fredericka G. Zee made a tidy sum. There can’t be two in this town. She’s got to be the one somehow connected to Project New Beginnings.

See more at Kay’s house.

Make Love And New Cabinet Officials, Not War

Democratic Senate candidate Chris Lugo, a former Green Party member, wants to a establish a new cabinet level position in the federal government:

That is why I am supporting legislation to establish a Federal Level Department of Peace and Nonviolence. The primary function of a United States Department of Peace will be to research, articulate and facilitate nonviolent solutions to domestic and international conflict. The Department of Peace will facilitate the most cutting edge ways to wage peace. From nonviolent communication skills, to conflict resolution techniques and cultural relationship building, the Department of Peace will employ proven and effective strategies for diminishing violence in our country and in our world. As a member of the President’s cabinet, the Secretary of Peace will provide the President; the State Department; the Departments of Defense, Education and Justice with greatly expanded problem solving options. The Department of Peace will also provide support for state and local government to address issues of domestic violence.

The Department of Peace would research and analyze foreign policy and recommend to the President ways to address the root causes of war. A Peace Academy, on par with the Military Academies, would train civilian peacekeepers and the military in the latest nonviolent conflict resolution techniques and approaches. The Department would also provide expert advice to the President when diffusing or dealing with international crises.

Apples To Oranges

Martin Kennedy ventures to explain why Governor Bredesen feels moved to restructure long term health care in the state but not expend political capital getting wine into grocery stores:

Bredesen keeps saying that it has been the experience of considering his mother’s situation that has caused him to consider this “fundamental restructuring.” My sense is that that is just rhetoric but it doesn’t work. The message being sent is that he has to be affected personally before he “gets it in gear.”

Maybe if Governor Bredesen’s mother wanted to be able to buy wine at the supermarket or directly from a vinyard he’d get interested in that issue.

Exciting Enough Make You Buck The Voters Of Your District?

Congressman and undecided superdelegate Lincoln Davis on the Tennessee Insider:

“Then Obama comes on. Man, is he exciting. Young folks just flock to him. He is energizing a new group of voters who have not been voting and I’m excited about that.”

Superdelegate Lincoln Davis has not expressed a preference for a candidate in this race saying only that the fact that 70 percent of his district went for Hillary Clinton “would have to be a part of the decision-making process that I will go through.”

What’s The Surge Got To Do With It?

Daniel Larison takes issue with those who assert that John McCain has been successful because the surge in Iraq has been:

McCain was the frontrunner in the spring of 2007, long before anyone could have reasonably claimed that the “surge” had done anything (not that many pundits didn’t make outlandish claims), and there was in any case never any doubt in the Republican rank-and-file that the “surge” was the right thing to do. On the contrary, if McCain’s nomination was ever assured it was assured by the collapse of his only real national rival, Mitt Romney, under the waves of the Huckaboom, whose beginning had literally nothing to do with the war in Iraq.

The IRS Wants To Give You Money

Even if you don’t pay taxes and haven’t for some time:

Nearly 500,000 Tennesseans who normally do not file tax returns will be getting a mailing next week from the Internal Revenue Service.

IRS officials urge recipients not to worry and not to disregard the package. It could help you get at least $300 for each qualified person in your home.

The federal government is trying to make sure that more than 20 million low-income and senior taxpayers who otherwise would not file a tax return for 2007 still file a return this year. The filings are required to qualify for a share of the $168 billion fiscal stimulus package adopted last month by Congress.

AP On The Florida Vote By Mail Plan

Reserving The Right To Pork

From the Hill:

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) has left herself room to request earmarks this year if she loses the Democratic presidential nomination and remains in the Senate, in contrast to the other two senators still running for president.

While Clinton has joined Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.), her rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, in backing a measure banning earmarks for a year, she has not explicitly promised to request no earmarks this year.

Obama, in contrast, has publicly said he will request no earmarks this year. Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Sen. John McCain (Ariz.), meanwhile, has blasted earmarks as government waste and is well-known for not requesting them.

All These Budget Amendments Are Terrible — Except The One I Support, Of Course

Senator Bob Corker on the budget process in the Senate:

“I rise today to talk about the budget that is getting ready to be put forth. I do not wish to talk specifically about this budget. But having gone through this process once before, it is obviously a very undignified process we are getting ready to enter into tomorrow, where we will have 30, 40, 50, maybe 60 amendments to a budget, many of which are set up solely to send messages, cause people to vote on things that might make them look good in the next election so that 30-second ads might be generated. I do wish to say I have tremendous respect for our budget chairman and ranking member. I think they are outstanding leaders in the Senate. I realize they are dealing, if you will, with the process that has been set forth in the Senate. I think they both exercise their duties very diligently.

“I know there are differing points of view as to how we might deal with this next year’s budget. Let me say in general I think this entire process is not what it ought to be. It is, to me, a great disservice to our country the way we handle our budgeting and appropriations processes that follow. I wish to talk about a couple things as it relates to this issue.

“First of all, I know one of the amendments that will come up tomorrow will be the DeMint amendment relating to earmarks. It is an amendment I will support because I do believe earmarks have gotten way out of control in the Senate. I do not believe people who earmark necessarily in any way are doing bad things. I think it is actually an outcome that has been generated due to processes breaking down in the Senate.

A Good Platform, Ya Know, Except For The Whole “Creating God’s Perfect Kingdom On Earth” And All That

James Antle points out some of the depressing alternatives in this Presidential election for conservatives unenamored by John McCain:

The Constitution Party nominee will be well to the right of McCain. The party’s platform calls for slashing federal spending, abolishing the income tax, ending the Federal Reserve, banning abortion, curbing pornography, and reducing immigration. Rumored 2008 possibilities include “Ten Commandments judge” Roy Moore, former Sen. Bob Smith of New Hampshire, and the irrepressible Alan Keyes. Otherwise, they will have to nominate someone obscure.

Before you sign up, be aware that the party’s rank-and-file includes an unhealthy number of Christian Reconstructionists, who favor stoning gay people to death, treating adulterers similarly, and otherwise instituting a theocracy. That’s not a typo or an Andrew Sullivan blog post; that’s what some of these people actually believe. Unsurprisingly, the Constitution Party has never even broken 190,000 votes in a presidential election.

Find Out Who Represents You

Red, White and Food helps us:

The most accurate way to find your elected officials is with a Zip +4 Code (for example, 37215-4806).

1. Find your Zip +4 Code at the U.S. Postal Service website.

2. Go to the Vote Smart website.

3. Enter your Zip +4 Code.

Vote Smart will provide links to each elected official and contact information.

Our Women Rock The Hardest

Sean Braisted points out the inspirational words of deceased Texas Congresswoman Barbara Jordan:

We had a 19th-century visitor from France named de Tocqueville. De Tocqueville came to America, and he was asked, ”If I were asked” — this is de Tocqueville — “If I were asked,” he said, “to what singular substance do I mainly attribute the prosperity and growing strength of the American people, I should reply,” de Tocqueville said, “I should reply: To the superiority of their women.”

What’s So Controversial About It?

Sarah Moore doesn’t understand what all the big hubbub is about asserting that Barack Obama would not be where he is were it not for his skin pigment:

If Senator Obama was a white 40-something man who had been in the U.S. Senate for just over three years, do you really think he would be winning the Democratic primary right now? Would an overwhelming majority of black voters be selecting a white Obama over Senator Clinton? Doubtful. After all, Clinton is married to the first black president. Yes, I know, Barack Obama is also getting a lot of white support (starting with several people who share some of my DNA). But, without the strong numbers from the black community he would not be ahead in the delegate count. If Barack Obama was white, Hillary Clinton would already be the nominee and we would be discussing the McCain vs. Clinton showdown.

To admit this fact is not racist … it’s just an objective analysis of the numbers. What is so horrible about that?

What About The Children?

Former school board member Kay Brooks says this about the formation of a new group formed to “advocate for the public schools in Nashville”:

I’m not looking for an organization that will advocate for the schools. How about actually advocating for the children? Looks like the only effort to hold MNPS accountable for the more than half a BILLION dollars they’re already spending is the Save Our Schools group who are actually pointing out that it’s not the money. Other districts are doing better with less. Why can’t we?

It’s Just A Drill

Senator Lamar Alexander’s attempt to expand oil exploration off the Atlantic coast was beaten back yesterday in the U.S. Senate:

The Senate on Thursday upheld a long-standing moratorium on oil and natural gas exploration off the Virginia coast, rejecting legislation that could have triggered a new effort to permit drilling.

With oil priced at about $110 a barrel and gasoline selling for $3.25 a gallon, drilling proponents led by Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., hoped to round up new supporters for offshore exploration.

“The supply of oil and natural gas is important if we want to bring down the price,” Alexander said just before the vote.

SEE ALSO: Jersey reps revolt.

We’re White, We’re Here, So We Have To Deal With It

Nashville anti-racist activist Time Wise on “white privilege”:

Stage Props

The Music City Oracle argues that Eliot Spitzer’s objectification of woman extended farther than just his use of prostitutes:

At the point when a wife, who he presumably once loved, and perhaps loves now, is grieving a fundamental betrayal of trust and trying to stop the world from spinning around her, how can he ask her to reduce herself to the status of a prop in this drama that needs to be played out and walk out there to become a spectacle before the whole world.

It is often said in a sexual sense that men objectify women, but isn’t this use of women as props nothing more than reducing them to objects in a different sense?

Politics Will Not Save Your Soul

Evangelicals need to keep that in mind says David Melson:

I doubt the Christian evangelical movement is going to find its champion in a politician, as I sometimes suspect they’d like to do. Any politician, especially on the national level, is going to have to attract those whose Christian feelings aren’t overly strong — or who are not Christians at all.

I’ll Give You Odds On Gambling Coming To Tennessee

Mr. Turnbow sees the slow creep of gambling eventually coming to Tennessee:

Numerous bingo halls have opened up in north Alabama as of late and they look a lot like the Tunica casinos once you go inside. I know this because I went in one in the last few days. Theres no old man calling out b43 over a microphone to a bunch of people sitting around tables. Its just pure old slot machines in these bingo halls that have popped up in north Alabama in the last year. Also in Kentucky a few weeks ago the Governor introduced a proposal to expand certain forms of gambling in that state.

What Blogs Do The Elite Liberal Media Read?

Well, conservative ones, of course. (via 55-40)

The Tone Rangers For Hillary Mashup

I am not alone:

Phil Bredesen Likes It When You Can Buy Wine In Grocery Stores

But he’s not gonna go out of his way to make it a reality in Tennessee. From John Rodgers:

I don’t consider it a big issue in the sense of I can’t see any problem with any wine in grocery stores. When Andrea and I travel somewhere on vacation, if we want to go into a grocery store and buy wine, in most places you can.

I’ve never considered it such a fundamental issue that I wanted to use political capital, and, ya know, go through all of the problems that it would take to get it done.

But I certainly have no objection to it. I think it’s probably a good thing. It just would not be up in my top 20 priority list to try to use time and energy to get it done.

TNGOP Launches New Website

From the Tennessee Republican Party: will feature regular updates on policy statements, press releases and issues impacting elections for the Tennessee Legislature, the U.S. Senate, the U.S. Congress and the White House. In addition, the web site will expand into a very interactive platform as the fall election approaches.

“We’re building to take advantage of all of the Internet’s possibilities,” said Bill Hobbs, communications director for the Tennessee Republican Party. “Politics and government must be a conversation between the people and their elected officials and candidates, and we’ll be offering a variety of tools on the site to facilitate that two-way conversation.

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The Guerilla Women
Gutless Wonder Feminist Quote of the Day
"I have occasionally wished Obama himself would say something about the often-sexist viciousness Cli...
05/15/2008  (20:03:00)

Six Meat Buffet
Hillary Decoded
We’ve just received this communique which came in a cardboard box with no return address. Perh...
05/15/2008  (19:58:07)

Greg Siskind
Even though a number of US states have recognized same sex marriages and civil unions - California t...
05/15/2008  (19:47:26)

Crone Speaks
Misogyny 2008
Ann points us to Marie Cocco’s column.As the Democratic nomination contest slouches toward a c...
05/15/2008  (19:41:40)

Uncle Say
So, last night the kids were in the tub. I was in the bathroom with them trimming up my beard. I too...
05/15/2008  (19:39:25)

Ben Cunningham
Rock video using surveillance videos/ope...
HT: GoverningCities contemplating increasing the number of surveillance cameras may want to consider...
05/15/2008  (19:38:00)

Uncle Say
Speaking of the prez race
Did you know Bob Barr is running for president on the Libertarian party ticket? Yes, Bob Barr of wa...
05/15/2008  (19:27:30)

Uncle Say
Identity politics
Christian Grantham tracks the nastiness.In other news, John Edwards has asked his supporter to vote ...
05/15/2008  (19:24:25)

The Guerilla Women
Edwards Endorses Obama in Snide Effort t...
The day after Hillary Clinton trounced Obama in West Virginia (41 points!), John Edwards decided (wi...
05/15/2008  (19:20:00)

Coyote Chronicles
Title First, Mack, Then Hit Publish
Hopelessly behind schedule out here on the farm, thanks, in part, to this ridiculous weather pattern...
05/15/2008  (19:10:11)

Coyote Chronicles

Hopelessly behind schedule out here on the farm, thanks, in part, to this ridiculous weather pattern...
05/15/2008  (19:10:11)

Ben Cunningham
Yikes, another County Commissioner who G...
in Maury County. Thank YOU Commissioner Hasse.LinkCommissioner Glen Hasse, who made the proposal alo...
05/15/2008  (19:08:00)

Uncle Say
Eating our own
In comments here, there’s a bit of a back and forth because I called Barack Men At Work Obama ...
05/15/2008  (19:07:11)

Rachel Walden
Chicago Bound
I’ll be in Chicago for the next few days,* so posting will be sparse to nonexistent. Don’...
05/15/2008  (18:54:29)

Bush on Appeasement: Barack Chamberlain ...
President Bush chides Democrats for their unconditional surrender stance on the war in Iraq, compari...
05/15/2008  (18:53:07)

Uncle Say
Speaking of conventions
Light blogging for the next bit as I prepare for the NRA Convention. So, I’m going there and B...
05/15/2008  (18:45:17)

Ned Williams

05/15/2008  (18:45:00)

Ben Cunningham
Shelby County Mayor hears distant thunde...
stampeding taxpayers leaving Shelby County and decides that he CAN make hard decisions and devise a ...
05/15/2008  (18:45:00)

Uncle Say
The tale of an FiveseveN exploding. Warning: graphic pics.Have to ask those FN guys about that.
05/15/2008  (18:43:50)

Knox Views
Verified Voting - It's the Law (Soon)
"Verified Voting" will soon be the law in Tennessee.Legislation requiring a paper trail for all ball...
05/15/2008  (18:42:47)

Uncle Say
I cannot stop laughing.
05/15/2008  (18:42:21)

Uncle Say
I give up
Ya know, trying to cheer Kevin up is an almost impossible task. Then you realize it’s made eve...
05/15/2008  (18:41:46)

Uncle Say
To R. Neal who will be covering the Democratic National Convention in Denver.
05/15/2008  (18:39:57)

Uncle Say
Is there a chill
down your spine.Your government at work:The Senate held a voice vote on whether to turn down the air...
05/15/2008  (18:38:52)

Uncle Say
Carry in GA
In Georgia, concealed carry laws have been greatly expanded. In TN, they would be too if Naifeh was...
05/15/2008  (18:37:02)

Uncle Say
Gun crime up in Britain.
05/15/2008  (18:35:39)

Aunt B.
Why You Should Buy a House with Kathy T....
She has snacks!  She piles you and your loved ones in her car and gives you snacks!  America, if t...
05/15/2008  (18:32:54)

Crone Speaks
Conservative/Republican Dissonance
The three GOP losses in special elections have made GOP leaders sit up and take notice.But Mr. McCai...
05/15/2008  (18:20:21)

Your Gut Check Is in the Woods
Lately, the only local presser that I know of with any fortitude in challenging Karl Dean's administ...
05/15/2008  (18:20:00)

Blame it on the Benadryl
And the moral of this story is never piss off an employee with allergies and/or eczema.
05/15/2008  (18:17:40)

Jama Oliver
DC Republicans Pander, Call it ?Change?
Oh, how I love to hear a politician - especially a whole gaggle of ‘em - talk about “cha...
05/15/2008  (18:09:03)

Embracing New Media
Bobo wanders about his beat filming baggies of pot and gym equipment at bargain prices.
05/15/2008  (18:01:53)

Conversations With Homer
Homer: I read your blog.Me: I’m glad someone does.Homer: Why the fascination with Cousin Olive...
05/15/2008  (17:54:58)

Bush Takes a Mulligan on His Ultimate Sa...
He gave up golf for the troops before he played golf again. Hitting the links in flip-flops really ...
05/15/2008  (17:50:00)

278th on Alert
The Times-News reports the Tennessee National Guard has put soldiers of the 278th Armored Cavalry Re...
05/15/2008  (17:48:04)

The Edge
I’ve gone back to this post by Malia at live. laugh. love all morning and especially to these ...
05/15/2008  (17:39:45)

Terry Frank
Obama: For the Gas Tax Holiday Before He...
Oh, the editorial department of Investors Business Daily has caught Senator Obama in a little double...
05/15/2008  (17:28:34)

Russ McBee says:Yesterday, both the House and the Senate voted overwhelmingly to force the Bush admi...
05/15/2008  (17:23:44)

Terry Frank
Hussein: A Good Thing!
Barack Hussein Obama.  Hussein?! Good or bad?  It depends upon the audience.  McCain was outrage...
05/15/2008  (17:23:35)

Knox Views
I'm well beyond being surprised or outraged by my president calling me a limp-wristed Nazi fetishist...
05/15/2008  (17:19:20)

Terry Frank
Gore: Green Makes Green
The media loves to challenge the veracity of pastors who financially prosper from their ministries. ...
05/15/2008  (17:17:13)

Terry Frank
Less Money in the Hands of Tennesseans: ...
Politicians are quite the disgusting lot.  Bredesen and his media friends want you to believe he...
05/15/2008  (16:59:44)

Ben Cunningham
Income Tax Repeal effort in Mass gains b...
LinkAfter pushing a similar initiative that almost passed six years ago, a group called the Committe...
05/15/2008  (16:41:00)

Bill Hobbs
From the moment I was old enough to understand the concept of a country, of nationhood and of Americ...
05/15/2008  (15:53:01)

Michael Silence
Legislators invited to strip club
Well, why not? They strip us of our money.This evening at 4:00pm a VIP party will be held at Deja Vu...
05/15/2008  (15:48:00)

Voter verified paper trail voting machin...
Knoxville News Sentinel:A proposal that would require a paper record for voters’ ballots in Tennes...
05/15/2008  (15:40:48)

Michael Silence
Courts: Gay marriage and the MySpace sui...
SAN FRANCISCO - In a monumental victory for the gay rights movement, the California Supreme Court ov...
05/15/2008  (15:35:11)

Progressive Nashville
A glass half full
The first step in solving a problem is having the desire to solve it. City leaders apparently have l...
05/15/2008  (14:53:48)

Knox Views
Sundown in the City Moved to Tennessee T...
Via KnoxBlab:North Mississippi All-StarsAlvin Youngblood HartArtvandalayDoors at 6 p.m.Music 7-10 pm...
05/15/2008  (14:40:57)

Michael Silence
Fred Thompson is back
He's doing a column for Townhall Magazine.
05/15/2008  (14:18:52)

GOP buyer's remorse
The most encouraging chart you're likely to see today, if you're a Democrat.
05/15/2008  (13:53:43)

Knox Views
About those bears...
What: Public meeting to present and discuss the recommendations of the Public Art Task Force. These ...
05/15/2008  (13:20:19)

Miss Sharon Cobb
What John Edwards Endorsement Means To T...
 Yesterday evening, former Presidential candidate John Edwards endorsed Barack Obama.His endors...