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Byte Monkey

Information analysis and presentation
October 23

Smashing Magazine: Data Visualization

Smashing Magazine has an interesting article on avant garde information presentation.  If you're interested in cool ways to present numbers and relationships... check out  "Data Visualization: Modern Approaches".



A multi-level, relational visualization.  It's been done before but this is a nice presentation.


Check out the demos at

September 20

A Web Analytics primer


While looking for some information on web analytics I came across Hurol Inan's site.  It's worth a look, there you'll find straight-forward definitions of web analytics and related jargon as well as links to resources.   

September 17

New screen shots of Gatineau released

When Ian was in Brussels last week he spent some time showing off the new product.  Eric Peterson posted a copy of the slide deck on Web Analytics Demystified Friday, you should go check them out.

Another reason to go check out the link is it includes screen shots of thee of the visualizations being built here in Dublin by the European arm of the Gatineau team: the campaign, path an treemap visualizations (The treemap screen shot happens to show web traffic to my blog :)). 


July 17

Analytics for content sites

Like many out there, my entire context for web site traffic is publishing content.  Since I don't sell any products I have no conversion to measure.  So, what's a blog author to do?

Avinash has a great article measures you should monitor if you are a content publisher.  It's a great read with tips to help publishers measure and understand their traffic.  If you have Google Analytics already running on your site you can walk through the article along with Avinash.  If you don't have GA on your site... perhaps you need to sign up for the Gatineau beta instead. ;)

Link: I Got No Ecommerce. How Do I Measure Success? » Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik

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