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On behalf of everyone behind Keep377A.com, we would like to express our sincere thanks to you the majority who have come out in full force to make our voices heard.

Like any petition, the story is not about the people who started this website. It is about you taking the effort to sign up and believing in the cause enough to spread the word.

The figures and speed are astonishing. You made it possible.

During these last four days, many of you have taken tremendous time and effort to help us monitor this site to ensure its integrity. We like to say thank you. Your time spent on this site has made it easier for us to focus on the things needed to be done.

Our cause is to Keep S377A and we have made our point loud and clear. And for that, we thank you, the majority.


Now that we have made our position clear, the purpose
of this site and initiative is drawing to a close.

What can we all continue to do?

Read more. It is important we understand the crux of the arguments and hear from different view points. The more we read about the subject, the better we understand. The better our understanding, the clearer we can articulate our position.

Write more. Having the majority speak up is not simply having a few individuals starting a website to rally people. We all need to take ownership of Singapore and speak up when we need to. If you feel strongly about something, write in to the relevant authorities to make your point clear. The more we stay silent, the less we are heard.

Do more.
Help spread the message in a peaceful, responsible and respectful manner. Remember, we are not anti-gay. We are not homophobic. We are not unreasonable. We have a set of strong values and we stand by those values. Take time to hear from friends who are gay so that we too can understand their point of views personally. In our democracy, we can learn to agree to disagree, peacefully and respectfully.


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