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Smallville Season 4: The Official Companion by Craig Byrne
01/08/2007 Source: Geoff Willmetts 

pub: Titan Books. 159 page illustrated softcover. Price: £12.99 (UK), $14.95 (US), $19.85 (CAN). ISBN: 978-1-84023-957-3.

Buy Smallville Season 4: The Official Companion in the USA - or Buy Smallville Season 4: The Official Companion in the UK

check out website: and

America might be in the throes of 'Smallville' Season 6 whereas for us in the UK, we've only just started watching Season 5 and Season 4 only ended a few months ago. Thus releasing a companion book to Season 4 right now is timely for those who need a reminder of what has been while they see where the series is going.

Season 4 was an odd one in that it brought a series mix of magic to the series to give something for Lana Lang to be embroiled in and show a definite weakness in Clark Kent. I wonder why his real father's voice memory never knew anything about that? It was also a time for a hunt for three missing stones that together would be able to create the Fortress of Solitude when you add ice which might explain why he never built it in Kansas. This season also introduced Lois Lane so well that she would become a more permanent fixture in the next season. Likewise the saga of the Luthors continues its downward swing showing nastiness if not inheritable is certainly encouraged. Add a few krypto-mutates, including a dog, and Bart Allen, the soon to be Flash or Impulse depending how fast he runs and you have an entire season.

As per convention with Titan's companion books you have a complete episode guide, with various facts and inside detail together with profiles of all the lead characters and a few pages on production. There are also several pages of colour photos of the actors posing for the cameras but this time including a few from production and effects as well to balance things out.

It's hard to pick fault with these books as, on the whole, they are useful reference books that you will no doubt want to refer to in the years to come. Occasionally, I think the synopsises could have done with a little more detail not to mention covered some basic questions like Lionel Luthor being let out of jail early. Pulling strings to get him out of the slammer early cos he reformed makes you wonder how money talks and why doesn't other prisoners go the same route? A sharp reminder that this is fiction but needs some self-consistency.

Certainly, if you're a fan of 'Smallville' then you ought to have this book in your collection cos outside of the magazines this is the only non-fiction book on the series.

GF Willmetts

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