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A house half-damaged by an elephant. Conflict with elephants causes death and suffering for many marginal poor communities living close to wildlife areas.

14 May 2008
Saving lives and incomes of the rural poor
Governments could save human lives and millions of dollars in crop and income losses for the rural poor through better consideration of the needs of wildlife, according to a new WWF study of conflict between humans and wild elephants in Africa and Asia. » Read more

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14 May 2008
Once upon a time in Hunza Valley
By Shafiullah Khan.

I am a resident of Hunza Valley, situated in the north of Pakistan. A few days ago, I was thinking about the changes that had occurred in my valley since I was a child. I was quite shocked to know that while we enjoy modern facilities today, we have lost many things which were part of the natural environment of these areas and are now irreversibly lost. I would like to share the changes I have observed in three decades in Hunza Valley and the Karakoram areas where I was raised.

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