Alexa Redirect WordPress Plugin: Boost Your Alexa Rankings

One of the ways you can boost your Alexa rankings is to use the Alexa redirect URL
( before your blog URL whenever you link to your posts internally. However, if you do this manually, then you it will likely affect your search engine rankings. Finally, the guys at Blogulate have come up with a solution: [...]

TechnoMoney Gets a PR4!

Woohoo! Just checked the blog’s PageRank today and it’s been updated to a PR4. Not bad. I might have gotten a 5 if I didn’t sell links.
Did your blog also get a new PR?
And if you’re wondering what has happened to me well just stay tight and hold on. I’m currently writing a big series [...]

Google XML Sitemaps Plugin Causes Problem with Windows Live Writer

I’ve been having this problem recently. It’s pretty on and off. The problem is that WLW (Windows Live Writer) displays the following error when editing or publishing a page/post:
The response to the wp.editPage method received from the weblog server was invalid.
Invalid response document returned from XmlRpc server.

Today I was bent on solving this problem and [...]

GMail Finally Increases its Storage to 3GB

When I logged into my GMail account earlier today, I noticed they increased the storage by quite a lot. GMail lovers can rejoice, Google has increased it storage to about 3.7 GB.

Funnily though, when I signed-out and went back to the GMail homepage, it showed the old storage limit:
I still like and use [...]