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Double-Deck Pinochle is a card game for four players. This site describes the rules, offers a Windows program that plays Double-Deck Pinochle, and contains links to other WWW sites.

Double-Deck Pinochle 4.0 Beta 3 is now available for Windows 95/98/NT.

The Beta version is an incomplete release of Pinochle Version 4.0. New features include:

Note that internet / network play is not yet available in the 4.0 Beta version, but is planned to be added in later releases as a free upgrade.

More information about Double-Deck Pinochle 4.0 for Windows Beta Version.

ZDNet 3 StarsI'm proud: Pinochle 3.6 was awarded a three star rating by Ziff-Davis!

Double-Deck Pinochle was also a selection of the Software of the Month Club!

Site Contents:

Information for Current Users

Try these Game Numbers for Pinochle 4.0 / 3.6 / 3.0

289618 13056 600588 229350
389758 108680 277020 125955
76220 169320 41840 693963
242385 26312 321981 272342
884120 578754 100890 9620

Note: These game numbers assume that you have the following options set:

Status of Next Upgrade Version

I am working on Pinochle 4.0. Unfortunately, it is going S L O W L Y, thanks to other obligations I have. The Pinochle 4.0 upgrade will be free to registered users of earlier versions. A preliminary Beta version 1 is now available at my download area.

Subject to revision, improvements in version 4.0 are expected to include:

Note that Version 4.0 will require Windows 95/98/NT. Users of Windows 3.1 will be able to use the existing version 3.6.

All upgrade files are available first on this WWW site. Notices will be sent to registered users whenever an upgrade is available. All upgrades are available for free to registered users of any prior version of Double-Deck Pinochle. I welcome your suggestions for upgrades: email me.

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Links to Other WWW Sites

Note that these links are for convenience of my visitors. I do not specifically endorse any of the services or products here; I'm merely aware of their presence on the web.

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