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What if you could walk through time and come face to face with animals that lived here thousands, even millions of years ago?

Devonian Reef

The Devonian Period is the midway point of the Palaeozoic Era, 418-355 million years ago. This Period has been termed the “Age of Fishes” because of the great proliferation of species of fishes at that time. Giant marine reefs and extremely complex habitats grew in a tropical sea that covered most of Alberta.

This recreation of a 375 million-year-old reef environment is a slice of Devonian life. Thousands of life-like models work together to give you a close-up view of what things were like when Alberta was underwater!

Learn about the processes of the retreating sea and the layering of microscopic animal remains, which were the first steps in the creation of Alberta’s key industry, oil and gas.

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