Blake's Pools

Grid ref: 373 664 / Area: 4.0 hectares

On a remote stretch of coastline which is internationally important for birds, three pools have been specially created for wildfowl.

How to get there
Details to permit holders.

We encourage visitors to use environmentally friendly forms of transport wherever possible. Most of our reserves are easily accessible by bicycle, with many close to the National Cycle Network. Click here to view a location map of the reserve on the National Cycle Network website.

By permit only - permits available to Trust members, please contact the Trust for details.

Wildlife and conservation
These three freshwater and brackish pools were specially created with the building of new sea walls. Close to the Severn Estuary, they are ideally situated to attract waterbirds.

The pools were dug between 1983 - 87, and have attracted more wildlife as they developed naturally. Over 100 species of bird have been sighted here, and shelduck, redshank and lapwing often nest on the reserve. In spring 2001 part of the sea wall protecting the outer pool collapsed, creating a tidal lagoon. During periods of low tide the expansive areas of mud attract birds such redshank, little grebe and little egret.

The two shallower pools attract wading birds, especially green and common sandpipers during spring and autumn. The highlight of winter is the variety of wildfowl that feed here, which have included smew, scaup and black-necked grebe.

To control water levels, sluice gates have been fitted into the two shallow pools. Reeds have also been planted around the largest pool. Hedges and shrubs are being planted to screen visitors.

Other points of interest
The walk to the reserve can be very good for waders and migrant birds - in winter, thousands of dunlin may be seen along this stretch of coast

Further information
The reserve is owned by Environment Agency and leased by the Trust. It forms part of the Severn Estuary Site os Special Scientific Interest, Special Protection Area and RAMSAR site. See also the Clevedon Birds Website

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