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AAP created this page for our more than 30,000 alumni. We are currently celebrating our 35th anniversary, and we ask you to join us in our celebration.

In case you've forgotten, AAP is the largest - and the best - program of its kind in the nation. For 35 years, we've stressed the importance of academic equity and educational excellence. We've also preached the importance of giving back to the community. AAP was once your community, and we ask that you take a few moments and think about your AAP community. "Giving" can involve more than simply donating money to a good cause - which we certainly invite you to do - but it can also mean far more, to you, to current AAP students, and to those students who will become a part of AAP in the future.

We want more than your money. We want your curiosity, your commitment, and your passion for social justice. Examine our web site and you will see some of our outreach projects (CCCP, VIPS) for high school and community college students. Outreach doesn't stop at UCLA's doorstep; we encourage AAP students to begin exploring the many fields of research open to them as undergraduates (GMP). We also push all of our students to begin thinking about graduate or professional schools ).

Do you know of internships in your current field that would be of interest to AAP students?

Are you yourself a success story? Let us share your story with our students in our Alumni Spotlight page. Are you interested in the dozens of scholarships that the AAP Scholarship Committee awards each year? If you can't contribute money to this fund, perhaps you'd be interested in contributing your time as one of the readers for this committee.

Are you a teacher, doctor, or lawyer? Our mentoring programs need people who can volunteer a few hours a week to talk to AAP undergraduates contemplating a career in your field - and they could really benefit from your expertise.

Keep in touch! Check our web site or the AAP Alumni Calendar page.

If you would like to view a short 5 minute video about AAP, click the "Play Alumni Video" button in the right hand column of this page. Your browser should have the Quicktime plug-in.

AAP Overview and Mission Statement

The Academic Advancement Program (AAP), a multiracial program, represents the best of what United States society aspires to: access, equity, opportunity, and excellence. AAP has a threefold mission -- to ensure the academic success, retention, and graduation of its more than 6,500 students; to increase the number of these students entering graduate and professional schools; and to develop the academic, political, scientific, economic, and community leadership necessary to transform our society in the twenty-first century. AAP programs and services are linked together by an underlying belief that all AAP students have earned their academic right to be at UCLA and have demonstrated the academic potential to excel at, and graduate from, UCLA. Our mission is carried out in a coordinated and integrated manner by a professional and student staff that shares a common vision and sense of purpose. Our programs and services are proactive rather than reactive, comprehensive rather than fragmented, and oriented toward furthering the long-term academic and personal growth of AAP students rather than merely solving or remediating immediate problems. AAP encourages and promotes academic achievement and excellence by providing students with tutoring, academic programs, academic, personal, and career counseling, graduate mentoring, scholarships, research opportunities, and stipends, opportunities to participate in innovative science programs, and a computer lab.

AAP Mission Statement

UCLA's Academic Advancement Program has a threefold mission: first, to ensure the academic success, retention, and graduation of all AAP students; second, to increase the numbers of AAP students entering graduate and professional schools; and, third, to develop the academic, scientific, political, economic, and community leadership necessary to lead and transform our society in the twenty-first century. To achieve this mission, AAP encourages students to explore their talents and abilities, to believe in themselves, to set the highest standards for themselves, to aspire to academic and personal excellence, to utilize the full range of campus resources, and to develop a sense of community and social responsibility.


Important Note:

Attention AAP Alumni! Visit the Alumni Center to join the AAP Alumni Association. Click here to visit

From the Director's

Dear AAP Alumni! As the Director of AAP, I am excited to invite you to UCLA Day, including the Annual AAP Affinity Party on May 17th - more.

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