cover: Dave Cockrum
08 Jul 2004
Aardwolf Publishing (

Comic Book ()
writer: Alan Moore, Louise Simonson, Bill Messner-Loebs, Len Wein, Marv Wolfman
artists: Neal Adams, Bob Almond, Murphy Anderson, Sergio Aragones, Terry Austin, Dick Ayers, Mark Bagley, Charles Barnett, Al Bigley, David Boswell, Rich Buckler, John Byrne, Travis Charist, Chris Claremont, Gene Colan, Peter David, Alan Davis, Diane Duane, Harlan Ellison, Steve Englehart, Mark Evanier, Neil Gaiman, Ron Garney, Mike Grell, Tony Isabella, Dan Jurgens, Sam Keith, Steve Lieber, Stan Lee, Pablo Marcus, Bob McLeod, Jerry Ordway, Tom Palmer, Mike Pascale, Robin Riggs, John Romita, Joe Rubinstein, Marie Severin, Dave Sim, Walt Simonson, Mark Texeira, Roy Thomas, Herb Trimpe, Sal Velluto, Lee Weeks.

Originally listed with George Perez doing a pinup, but, as it turns out, Perez had not contributed any artwork to the tribute book.
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  • Uncanny Dave Cockrum Prestige Edition
    News Tue, 07 Nov 2006 18:17:34 CST Ilke
    Once More Into the Breach, Dear Friends
    Thursday, September 2, 2005
    By Clifford Meth



    UNCANNY DAVE COCKRUM TRIBUTE #1 (Errata) (Jun 2004)
    This mornings episode was another reminder: Aardwolf Publishing had announced the new Uncanny Dave Cockrum Prestige Edition Hardcover. Dave Cockrum was prepared to abandon all proceeds from this book; to earmark them for another as-yet-unnamed creator in need. We offered to turn the monies over to Neal Adams to help someone else. "Theres no one in the industry we trust more," said the press release.

    But Neal called me and rejected the proposal. "Your hearts in the right place," he said. "But all it takes is one objection from one creator. They were asked to create a piece of art specifically for Dave; we cant suddenly tell them their art is being used for any purpose other than that."

    I agreed, of course. How can you argue with that? But I admit I was disappointed. Im still nave enough to assume that no one could possibly object to something as beneficial as a hospital.

    The new statement from Aardwolf now reads as follows:

    Jim Reeber of Aardwolf Publishing has announced that his company will be releasing a short run of The Uncanny Dave Cockrum Prestige Edition. This Limited-Edition Hardcover will feature all of the art and artists that appeared in the trade paperback edition of the book (Neal Adams, Jim Lee, Travis Charest, Will Eisner, Joe Kubert, John Cassady, etc.) along with new art from George Perez, Rich Buckler, Mark Texeira, and others. There will also be a section of never-before-seen Cockrum creations, and each book will be signed/numbered with a unique sketch from Cockrum bound into the book.

    "Dave is recovering now and these sketches represent his first professional work since he was hospitalized last January," says Clifford Meth, editor of the project. "Dave is known industry-wide as a generous soul, so many fans have received sketches from him. But his illness has prevented him from drawing much this year, and he isnt up for traveling, so this book gives fans not only an opportunity to have the Tribute book in hardcover, but also to own a unique piece of Daves art."

    The Uncanny Dave Cockrum Prestige Edition will be limited to 300 signed/numbered/remarqued copies. Other contributors to the book include Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, Johnny Romita, Harlan Ellison, Chris Claremont, Stan Lee, Walt Simonson, Neil Gaiman, Sergio Aragones, and Gene Colan. The retail price is $110. Anyone who ordered the trade paperback directly from Aardwolf will receive a $25 discount. For more details, contact Amy at

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     August 05, 2004 06:38 pm | Paty Cockrum Vs John Byrne

    Magneto Sighting in Belton, SC
    posted on 24/7/04 at 20:09 by Paty


    Anyway... even with the rudeness of decades making me look askance at it, I was willing to let Byrne be a part of the book.. who knew? maybe he actually liked Dave in spite of his behavior... I mean, he was arrogant and rude to his fans... why not his peers? So I told Cliff...sure... go ahead and find a spot if you can. The book at the time was deep into production with new stuff coming every day and night! having to be rearranged daily! LOL... then a day or so later, a correspondent who monitors Byrne's private website...where you can only talk about Byrne...and only in glowing terms if you don't want him to ban you! But it is HIS site and he can act as childish as he wants to, I guess... Anyway, my correspondent quoted me from a thread that was there. A member of the list had asked JB if he was gonna contribute to the book cuz this member had heard that literally EVERYONE was dying to contribute! JB said a grudging "yes" another fan asked if he would do colossus...and he said that was his intent...a bit more discussion followed with the upshot of the fans saying they loved Dave's work and he had contributed so much to the industry etc...which must a irked Byrne mightily since the rule is talk about Byrne only. So finally one fan posted a page of Cockrum pencils he had acquired with the reason ostensibly being that on the page was Kitty Pryde...a character that Byrne created. It is a beautiful piece, typical Dave tight and illustrative pencils of Kitty and two of the Imperial guard ladies bouncing around. How this person got what should have been inked pages is beyond me...but anyway...this was a lovely page. I went there and peeked in on it to verify what my correspondent told me. The fans were waxing ecstatic about it. Byrne's comment:

    "Those are VERY tight pencils for Dave. One of the things that struck me, the first time I saw his pencils, was how many lines he put down. I called it the 1000 Lines Approach -- "If I put 1000 lines here, one of them will be in the right place." It makes for some really beautiful, illustrative pages, let me tell you, but they must have been a bear to ink!"
    That's a direct word for word quote. Two insults to a compliment..typical Byrne behavior. which told me one thing. Byrne was getting in at the last minute to mollify his fans and to be included in a great book with the greats of the industry!

    And guess what...he hit my PISS-LEVEL! I am a patient soul, who cuts people a great deal of slack... and that walking talking rectum more than he ever deserved...I even saved him from a beating once...even though he didn't know it... but that piece of backhanded snide comment took the cake. This from a so-called artist whose pencils look like a glorified coloring book and always have! He was the only artist whose work I complained about directly to Stan because i couldn't find any art worthy of going into the merchandising files.

    I called Cliff and told him that under no conditions was the Byrne piece to sully real affection and respect with his hypocrisy! Cliff asked why I had changed my mind, and I told him of the thread and the quote. He said, with a grin you could hear over the phone, "You're the boss, Paty! You're gonna fret flack from this, y'know." I told him let the flack fly.. I would tell the world why I made the decision I did.

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     July 19, 2004 07:25 pm | Lying in the Gutter (Jul 19)
    From Comic Book Resources

    Lying In The Gutters
    Monday July 19, 2004
    written by Rich Johnston



    So where was this John Byrne piece in the upcoming Dave Cockrum tribute/fundraising book?

    Jim Reeber of Aardwolf Publishing answered. "John insulted Dave Cockrum on his blog or website while Dave was still hospitalized. This only came to our attention when Dave's wife Paty called our offices. She said that under the circumstances neither she nor Dave felt comfortable with Byrne in the book. So that was that. Byrne had only sent us a xerox, so there was nothing to return to him nor reason to contact him."

    Which is a mystery. No one I contacted could remember Byrne saying anything insulting about Cockrum online, quite the opposite in fact. And the thing is, with John Byrne, he's not one to mince words. If he's got something to say against you, he says it. Just ask Peter David, Erik Larsen, Jim Shooter, Joe Quesada, Mark Evanier, Marv Wolfman or hell, even me.

    Dave Cockrum on the other hand

     July 11, 2004 03:42 pm | Cockrum Vs Byrne
    From Leo W.

    An interesting thing to add to Cockrum's people saying that Byrne was saying bad things about Cockrum while he was sick...

    Dave what do you think of John Byrne's penciling of X-Men?
    posted on 22/8/03 at 04:39
    by Dark Bamf (Dave Cockrum)


    Don't get me started on Byrne.

    My opinion of his art is colored by the fact that I think personally, he's an arrogant, first-class jerk.

    His art on X-Men was interesting, and sometimes innovative, but it was also as simplistic as a Saturday morning cartoon--which may explain the wide appeal he has. Yes, X-Men sales took off when he took over the book. You may not have noticed, though, that sales continued to increase when I came back.

    That was from Cockrum last fall, before he got sick. I've been looking through Byrne's site to see if I could find anything negative about Cockrum, but haven't so far. The worst that I can recall John saying about Cockrum was mentioning that Dave started drawing Cyclops' boots similar to ones that Dave wore at the time. Something Byrne thought was out of character for Cyclops and that Byrne