101 Blogging Tips I Learned in 2007

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Ah, today’s the last day of 2007. Time sure flies by quickly. It’s been nothing short of an eventful journey for me and I hope it continues like this for the coming months. I’ve learned a lot in 2007 and thought to summarize all that in [...]

Automatically Publish Your Blog Post to Twitter

Rejoice people! Now, you can automatically twitter your blog posts! TwitterFeed is a service I found yesterday which will help you to twitter your blog posts automatically.
Now you won’t have to do it manually every single time

Get a Free Plug!

Want a free plug from TechnoMoney?
To get a free mention on the forthcoming editions of “The Best of the ‘Sphere”, just use the contact form and send me the links to your best posts. I’ll try to include as many as I can.
Yep, it’s that simple. What are you waiting for? Use the Contact Form [...]

Get Camtasia Studio 3 for Free!

Camtasia Studio is a well-known screen recording software. It’s kind of expensive (the latest version costs $299) so I decided to share how you can get Camtasia Studio 3 for free.
Even though this is version 3 (2 versions old), it’s better than having nothing and I’m sure you’ll be overjoyed to get it for free. [...]

5 Things to Make Sure Before Ordering a Review

Reviews have been the craze lately. Not only does a review give you exposure, it also provides you with valuable feedback. Of course it’s pretty expensive these days to get reviewed.
Most people who order a review don’t get the most bang for their buck. All they get is an average review. What most people [...]

Comment Smart!

 We all know the amazing power of commenting. In a nutshell, commenting on other blogs not only helps build relationships but also gets you some traffic. You must have heard me say that commenting on other blogs should be a part of your marketing strategy. I’ve also said sometimes that you should try to leave [...]

The Amazing Power of Commenting

People have often underestimated the power of commenting on other blogs; in fact, some people still think commenting as a plain time waste. When they start a new blog, they keep on churning those wonderful posts but forget to market their blog. Commenting on other blogs should be part of the marketing strategy of your [...]