I rarely make mistakes, but when I do I always admit them publicly. During the invasion of Iraq, I stated my firm opinion that Saddam had been killed in the first strike, and then apologized when I was wrong. The CIA later stated that they had been deceived by a double agent who falsely reported Saddam's death in detail.

       On August 7, 2005 I made another mistake. For months my team of volunteers had been tracking a terrorist group, and we had all become quite frustrated about one federal agency's footdragging. After the London Subway bombings, I correctly and publicly identified a California man, Iyad Hilal, as the leader of one of the the terrorist groups that had been banned by the British.

       I did not realize when I gave his address that Hilal had moved, and an innocent family was living there. I am heartsick that the family suffered harassment and anxiety as a result of my mistake. I take full and complete responsibilty for my error in judgment. I will try very hard to ensure that I make as few mistakes as possible, and again apologize profusely to all of you, especially the Vorick family.

John Loftus