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On this date in weather history

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1925: The temperature at Centerville, Ala., soared to 112°F to establish a state record. Every reporting station in Alabama was 100°F or above that afternoon.

1933: A hurricane hit Brownsville, Texas, killing forty people and causing $12 million in damage.

1950: Hurricane Easy produced the greatest 24-hour rainfall in U.S. weather records up to that time. The hurricane deluged Yankeetown, on the upper west coast of Florida, with 38.70 inches of rain. While this US record has since been replaced by 43 inches of rain at Alvin, Texas, on July 25-26, 1979, it remains the 24-hour precipitation record for the Sunshine State.

1988: Five days of heavy rain commenced in west central Florida. Up to 20 inches of rain in four days resulted in extensive urban flooding, and evacuation of 1000 homes. Flooding claimed four lives, and caused more than $5 million in property damage.

(Historical weather information courtesy of the AMS DataStreme Atmosphere website)


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