Friday, March 21, 2008
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Deccan Herald » Metro Life - Fri » Detailed Story
Gandhinagar Grapevine
Bhavya Bolar

Malashree makes a comeback

The song ‘Olage seridare gundu...’ from Nanjundi Kalyana became the anthem of alcohol lovers. And Malashree who performed the raunchy number shot to fame overnight, ruling the Kannada industry for several years.

Whether the damsel in distress, an upright police officer or a rowdy - Malashree excelled in all kinds of roles.

An affair, a near-fatal accident that wrecked her career at its peak, marriage and two kids later, Malashree is back in a much slimmer and fitter avatar. In between, she did films like Chamundi which didn’t have the kind of run her earlier films enjoyed.

Though Malashree started her second innings, she could not make it big, thanks to her post marital life! She may be happy with her family life, but even today her fans miss her films, and this is what compelled our Kanasina Rani to begin her third innings as well, after a real long gap.

The actress held forth on many issues including Kiran Bedi, her latest film, at the launch of Gulama, produced by hubby Ramu for Ranganath who turns director for the first time. A mother of two, Malashree said that pregnancy and the responsibility of being a mother stopped her from doing films all this while.  However, to play a cop’s role in the film, she has lost nearly 20 kg through dieting and is now working on improving her looks. It is really hard to lose weight, she says, while adding that, she does not miss the daily exercises and now knows the techniques of losing weight!

And one may wonder whether our slim and charming actress became a foodie after marriage? No, she says, and reveals a strange way of gaining weight. It is a common tendency to put down weight when one is in stress. But she has a different problem, rather a strange problem! “I tend to eat more and become a foodie in times of stress,” she admits.

Remembering her earlier innings, she attributes her success to the Supreme Power and narrates how her fans after seeing her in Olage Seridare Gundu... considered her as their Guru and presented the Gundu Rani (!) with garlands made of bottles along with ‘a quarter or two’, which of course she would politely refuse.

A family affair

Naveen Krishna starrer Dheemaku seems to give a lot to film buffs for they can now watch out for many actors in a single film. Though not a multi-starrer movie, it will have actors Jaggesh, Om Prakash Rao, Ramesh Bhat, Komal, Sharan and Bullet Prakash make a guest appearance.

Jaggesh will appear for about two and half minutes and Om Prakash Rao will have a serious role. However, the entire family of Naveen Krishna is pitched into making the movie.

The film is directed by Magesh and produced by his parents Srinivas Murthy and mother Pushpa. Besides being in the lead role, Naveen Krishna has also sung a song for the movie.

Making many actors appear in the movie is not a gimmick, but for the sake of the script, said Srinivas Murthy.

Rangayana Raghu will appear as a black man (of African origin) in this movie, it is learnt. Flora Saini, who endured some notoriety for all the wrong reasons recently has completed her portion of the film, which is surely a relief to the unit. With Srinivas Murthy planning a June 27 release, let’s hope there won’t be any more controversies.

Venkatesh gets six-packs

The fair sex went gaga when Bollywood heroes Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan and lately King Khan bared their bodies. Here is a news from Sandalwood, which says that Sandalwood heroes can also vie with Bollywood heroes at least in terms of building their bodies.

Venkatesh proudly displays his six packs and enviable abdomen which almost touches his back when he shrugs it inside. “However, maintaining the body is not that easy and I have been sacrificing many things for this,” says Venkatesh who has been into rigorous exercise and intake of balanced food.

Appu Venkatesh is now making his debut in Premigagi Na... , directed by Sneha Priya as the second hero. ``Since the film needs stunts, I have put in all my efforts to the maximum and you will have astounding and breathtaking stunts which was never done in the industry till now,’’ he says.
Appu Venkatesh has earlier worked as stunt master in many films. Venkatesh, who started his career as a junior artist 16 years ago, made his debut as a stunt master in the film Appu. After that, he went on to do small roles in several films including Appu, Yuvaraja and others.

As a Stunt Master he has trained many actors - Puneeth, Ganesh, Prem, Prajwal and others. Venkatesh was also a personal trainer for Dr Rajkumar. Recalling his moments with ‘Annavru’, he says Dr Rajkumar was the best person he ever met in life, apparently very much impressed with the late thespian’s discipline.

Speaking about his inclination towards the film industry, he says he was attracted towards it since childhood.

Patience and hard work finally paid, says Venkatesh who says that his father has been constant inspiration for him. Being married and a father of one, Venkatesh has reduced 12 kg for the role and has been on fruits, vegetables and ragi ball diet since six months.

He has trained under Jayaram for all these. Besides, Venkatesh is also doing little bit of social work. Good at heart, Venkatesh has been giving stunt training to 80 poor and needy at Pramod Theatre, who are interested to learn.

And what is the secret of such flexible body? Avoid non vegetarian foods, spicy items and most importantly quit drinking. However, fish constitutes a very good diet, he says.

Ambition fulfilled

Dialogue writer Tushar Ranganath is rocking. With the movie Gulama which stars Prajwal, Inti Ninna Prithiya fame Sonu and Biyanka Desai, Ranganath has written six songs for the movie and also written dialogues. Ramu who has been the producer for many hit films of Devraj, is for the first time producing his son’s movie. “I think the ‘G Sentiment’ works here too,’’ said the producer, whose film Golibar with Devraj was a hit. He hoped that this time, Gulama with his son will also make it big on the box office.

Ranganath who has been working as assistant director for ten years, says that his ambition of becoming a director is being fulfilled through this movie.

For a change, Rangayana Raghu is playing a serious character in the film, a departure from the ‘comedy roles’ seen in scores of his earlier films. Sudha Belavadi is also part of the film. Gurukiran is the music director and cameraman is Chandru.

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