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History of the Stocznia Gdańsk S.A.

The history of Stocznia Gdańsk S.A. began in 1945. The Shipyard was founded as the state company on sites of the former German shipyards, Schichau Werft and Danziger Werft, both considerable damaged as the result of the Second Word War operations. The ore - coal carrier SOŁDEK launched on the 6 of November 1947 for Polish owner was the first ship built at Stocznia Gdańska.

In course of privatisation the status of company was changed in 1990 from the state owned company into the joint stock company with the National Treasury 61% in shares and 31% owned by employees. From that time the Yard operated as the Stocznia Gdańska S.A.

Designing and construction of ships has remained a main field of the Yard activity. The Yard continues tradition, experience and achievements of the Stocznia Gdańska and successfully carry on production.

During the 61years long history the Stocznia Gdańska built and delivered over 1000 seagoing ships to owners all over the world. Container carriers, reefers, bulk carriers, passenger ro-ro carriers were on top of deliveries in recent years. Most ships were designed by the own design office.