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Star Trackers

Goodrich Electro-Optical Systems is the world leader in the design and manufacture of star trackers, with extensive flight experience in high-radiation orbital environments. Goodrich invented the technology of charge-coupled device (CCD) based star trackers between 1973 and 1979, culminating with the launch and successful operation of six "Starmapper" trackers between 1980 and 1982, ten full years before the flight of the first competing solid-state star tracker. Goodrich CCD star tracker heritage spans over 25 years and 20 contract programs, representing four generations of advanced CCD star tracker designs, and over 20 years of accumulated experience in all orbital scenarios. The total investment in Goodrich star tracker programs to date is over $130 million.

These small, low cost, lightweight, advanced Star Trackers are in production for all major spacecraft manufacturers in the U.S. today. The HD-1003 is the world’s most reliable and survivable high accuracy star tracker and is backed by a highly skilled and experienced CCD Star Tracker production team.

The versatility of the HD-1003 Star Tracker accommodates most military, commercial, and scientific missions in any orbit. Design alternatives, including wide field-of-view optics, and alternate power converter input voltages may be discussed to suit your specific mission needs.

Star Trackers

For more detailed information and technical specifications, the HD-1003 data sheet is available (in pdf format).

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