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Convents Products
Laakstraat 53
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Convents Products
Interior Building

A different view of Interior Building

 Company Profile:

Convents Products has more than 50 years' experience in interior building.
Since its creation, the company has grown from a classic cabinet making company into a leading interior building company.
A team of specialists, with access to the very latest technology, produces all the different interior elements. Assembly teams handle the ultra-professional assembly of everything on site. If the client so wishes, we can provide total solutions so that all the different specialist services such as design, structural work, technical installations, domotica etc are provided by Convents Products itself. In these instances, Convents Products outsources the work and handles the co-ordination of the works carried out by contract partners.
Our official certification as building contractor in class 7, category D (general building contracts) and class 7 category D5 ( cabinet making) as well as our extensive reference list of completed projects are your guarantee that Convents Products is the partner par excellence for your total projects.


Convents Products is a leading provider of total solutions for interior building in the Benelux.
Our trademark is the focus on quality and efficiency that we apply to our projects so that clients are reassured by straightforward and clear contracts, impeccable monitoring and completion of all works carried out.
We have an experienced and totally committed team who provide for an excellent price/quality ratio - an aspect that is much appreciated by our clients

 . Objectives:

For our clients:
Convents Products provides creative, high quality, contemporary and innovative total solutions for interior building.

For our staff:
Convents Products provides its staff with a pleasant working environment with optimal safety conditions.
Convents Products aims to motivate staff to develop through training and good management, so that they can contribute to achieving the company's goals.

Convents Products is part of the Convents Group