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Area: Greater Manchester (Health Authority)

Area: Greater Manchester (Health Authority)

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2001 Census: Census Area Statistics (55 datasets)

A selection of tables from the Census Area Statistics giving detailed information on specific census variables.


2001 Census: Key Statistics (31 datasets)

Key Statistics cover all main census topics, presented as counts and percentages in a limited number of simple tables.


Access to Services (6 datasets)

All aspects of service provision, including access to specific health, education and legal facilities.


Community Well-being / Social Environment (8 datasets)

Information to support work on community involvement, social inclusion and improving overall standards, including those relating to street cleanliness.


Crime and Safety (3 datasets)

Data on crime, fire statistics and road accidents.


Economic Deprivation (6 datasets)

Data relating to economic activity, poverty and the provision of selected welfare benefits.


Education, Skills and Training (13 datasets)

Includes information on educational attainment, school absence, enrolment to higher education and numbers of students.


Health and Care (10 datasets)

Data includes health, life expectancy, hospital episodes, healthy lifestyle behaviours and provision of unpaid care.


Housing (24 datasets)

Information on housing demand and supply, tenure and condition, overcrowding and homelessness.


Indicators (7 datasets)

Summary statistics and indicators representing themes across all topics.


Indices of Deprivation and Classification (6 datasets)

Includes the Indices of Deprivation, Socio-Economic Classification and Area Classifications.


People and Society: Income and Lifestyles (17 datasets)

Information on income, including direct measures and indirect indicators, as well as lifestyles of families and households.


People and Society: Population and Migration (21 datasets)

Overall size and structure of the population as well as individual components of demographic change, such as births, deaths and migration.


Physical Environment (2 datasets)

Information relating to land management, regeneration and economic planning. This topic also includes data relating to air quality.


Work Deprivation (31 datasets)

Business and economic activity data, work-related benefits claimants, and participation on government training programmes.