Facebook Oregon Trail Application

Social Networking Website's Version of the Original Educational Game

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Online Oregon Trail Game Played on Computer, pdphoto.org

Facebook rolls out the latest version of the Oregon Trail game, complete with many of the original options and added features. Become a Wagon Leader at Facebook today!

Facebook, popular for social networking, recently added the Oregon Trail game application for members. Those in their 20s and 30s will remember spending countless hours in grade school and middle school playing this game with classmates. Facebook’s version of the Oregon Trail will bring back memories, yet differs in various ways.

Facebook’s version of the Oregon Trail game requires Facebook friends to join Your Wagon before starting on the journey. Each wagon member brings money to the wagon’s total balance. Wagon members are listed along with their status. An “In Good Health” status shows up, unless wagon members are suffering from ailments, diseases and poor personal hygiene. Diseases can be cured by medicine. Resting cures other ailments such as being tired or needing a shower.

Application Features

Game Options

Play the Oregon Trail game at Facebook as many times as desired. Leave the game at any time, as it automatically saves, returning the player to the same place at the next log-in. Earn experience points each time the game is completed. Earn 5,000 bonus points for reaching the end of the Oregon Trail with all original wagon members alive.

Unique to Facebook’s Oregon Trail

To remove players, simply eat them! Click on the dinner plate and the wagon member will be eaten, removing them from the wagon. This will gain 150-180 pounds of food for the wagon. The question to ask is whether this option was added in light of the California-bound Donner Party?

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Online Oregon Trail Game Played on Computer, pdphoto.org

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