National 17 Star Transitional Flag

Representing Ohio's Entry Into The Union


Special Note: In response to interest displayed by Governor Taft and other state officials and organizations, the Ashville Area Heritage Society has agreed to lend the USA Transitional (Mystery) Flag to the Ohio Historical Society.  The flag is on display in the Adena Education Center, Chillicothe, now through March 2004.


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Governor Taft and Ashville guests with the Transitional Flag

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Discovered in the attic of a house in Ashville, the 17-star national flag has been professionally analyzed and authenticated by Textile Preservation Associates of Keedysville, MD to have been constructed of materials consistent with that of its age.  Though never an official United States flag, this transitional national flag is thought to have been created to signify Ohio's acceptance into statehood.  The flag entails a nearly square canton bearing 16 six-pointed stars in a circle and one six-pointed star in the center.  The flag is thought to be Ohio's oldest surviving state flag.


The flag was donated in 2001 to the Ashville Area Heritage Society (AAHS) for preservation.  The AAHS has moved forward to authenticate and preserve this state and national treasure.  The Ohio Historical Society was consulted for proper mounting techniques and a display case was constructed of Ohio buckeye wood to further signify the flag's symbolic tribute to Ohio.


The flag was invited to be displayed as part of the Sons of the American Revolution Historic Hubb Scott display during the Ohio State Bicentennial celebration.


National Transitional Flag  (Ohio's acceptance into statehood)


Bicentennial Pictures   ~   A Replica Is Available


Sons Of The American Revolution

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Governor Taft with Transitional Flag found in Ashville, Ohio

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1837 Political Cartoon showing 17 star flag

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Transitional Flag

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