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The Raam circulating in Holland
and Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa, USA

The Raam to serve as catalyst currency for agriculture
and other development projects to reduce poverty,
promote a balanced world economy, and create peace

Soon to circulate in the European Union and in all continents

  Maharishi to hold global news conferences every Wednesday and Thurs  

The Raam, the global development currency of the Global Country of World Peace, is now legally circulating in Holland and is being used by Dutch residents like the Euro—and it will soon be circulating throughout the European Union and in all continents

The Raam is also circulating as the currency of Maharishi Vedic City in Iowa, USA, along with the U.S. dollar, and Raam-based bonds are being offered in 35 U.S. states.

The Raam is a key element in the programs of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to promote a balanced world economy, reduce poverty, and create world peace, according to Dr. Benjamin Feldman, Minister of Finance of the Global Country of World Peace.

Fortis Bank, one of the world’s 20 largest financial institutions, is exchanging the “Netherlands Raam” or “Raam NL” at its branch in Roermond, Holland, near Meru, the Capital of the Global Country of World Peace. And many businesses in Holland are accepting the Raam in the transaction of goods and services at a fixed exchange rate of 10 Euros for one Raam.

Global Country of World Peace

The Global Country of World Peace was established two years ago by Maharishi, founder of the worldwide Transcendental Meditation organization, as “a country without borders for peace-loving people everywhere.” It provides governments with the knowledge and technologies of Total Natural Law to promote prevention-oriented, problem-free administration.

Global news conferences

Maharishi and Dr. Feldman will answer questions on the role of the Raam in creating permanent world peace during Maharishi’s global news conferences every Wednesday and Thursday, which will be broadcast live via satellite, Internet webcast, and telephone conference call (see below for details).

Catalyst for development projects

Dr. Feldman said that governments are invited to use the Raam as a “catalyst currency” to initiate agricultural and other development projects around the world—and, in particular, in 40 poor countries.

“There are one billion hectares of unused land with agricultural potential in these 40 poor countries,” Dr. Feldman said. “The Raam can be used as start-up capital to establish export-oriented organic farms, and to build new houses, roads, schools, and health clinics in these countries. After a few successful crop seasons, and with the export of the produce, the Raam can be exchanged for any other hard currency—and even withdrawn from circulation.”

Dr. Feldman said national farmers’ associations are also invited to participate in the initiative.

3,000 Peace Palaces in 3,000 cities

The Raam may also be requested, in conformity with local laws and regulations, by city mayors and city chambers of commerce to guarantee building costs for the construction of 3,000 Peace Palaces in the world’s largest 3,000 cities, and to establish affiliated organic farms of 1,000 to 4,000 hectares near each city. Each Peace Palace will serve as a home for a group of 100 to 200 experts in Maharishi’s Vedic technologies of peace, including Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying. Extensive published research shows that the peace-promoting influence of these groups reduces the acute social stress that fuels conflict and war, and promotes coherence and harmony throughout society.

“During their practice, these groups of Yogic Flyers will enliven the deepest level of Nature’s functioning—the Unified Field of Natural Law—which administers the infinite diversity of the universe with perfect order,” Dr. Feldman says. “They will create indomitable coherence in the collective consciousness, reducing crime, sickness, and other negative trends, and promoting the health and well-being of everyone in the city.”

Founders of the Peace Palace to enjoy profits year after year

Dr. Feldman said that the organic farms will produce enough profits from the sale of organic crops on the international market to maintain a group of Yogic Flyers in each Peace Palace. Profits will also ensure that the “Founders of the Peace Palace”—local investors who build the Peace Palaces—recover their initial expenditures and earn a good annual return on their investment in peace. A Global Chamber of Commerce has been established to provide a world market for the organic products.

Alleviate the poverty of the poor
and improving the profits of the wealthy

“The Raam has been created to alleviate the poverty of the poor and to increase the profits of the wealthy who wish to create world peace through these 3000 Peace Palaces. It has also been created so that any country can progress with its development projects without any scarcity of funds,” Dr. Feldman said. “The Raam is timely and practical—and an essential element in Maharishi’s programs to reduce global poverty, promote a balanced world economy, and create permanent world peace.”

# # #


Maharishi’s Global News Conferences

As usual every week:

  • 8:30 PM (India Standard Time)
  • 17.00 hours (Central European Standard Time)
  • 11:00 AM (USA EDT)

As usual every week:

  • 3:00 PM (India Standard Time)
  • 11.30 hours (Central European Standard Time)
  • 5:30 AM (USA EDT)

Watch the news conferences live
via Internet or via satellite (see below)


Watch live on The Maharishi Channel in SE Asia —
Wednesdays and Thursdays

On PanAmSat 12 Satellite at 45 degrees East: Frequency 12699 MHz.; Symbol rate 5860 k/S; FEC 3/4; Polarity vertical


Watch live on The Maharishi Open University Channel in Europe, W. Asia, North Africa — Wednesdays only
On Hot Bird 3 at 13 degrees East: Transponder 89; Channel MOU.2; Frequency 12475 MHz; Polarity Horizontal; Symbol rate 27500;
FEC 3/4


Watch live on The Maharishi Open University Channel in the United States and Canada, Central America, and the Caribbean — Wednesdays only
On Intelsat Americas 5 at 97 degrees West: Transponder 7; Frequency 11867 MHz; Polarity vertical;
Symbol rate 22000; FEC 3/4

Listen live via telephone: +1-512-305-4600, code 55689# (Wednesdays only)

To ask Maharishi questions
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or call (Holland) +31-475-53-9620.

To ask Maharishi questions
Please email your questions for Maharishi to:

or call (USA) +1-641-470-1344.