lebanon under siege - flag.jpg Time shown on the left is the local time in Beirut, Lebanon

At least 62 people are reported to have been killed and more than 200 injured in clashes across the country since violence erupted on May 7.

01:40 Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa and the Arab ministerial committee will travel to the airport today, after it was announced that they will arrive yesterday evening, for direct contacts with the government and the opposition.

22:38 French ambassador Andre Parant after meeting former President Amine Gemayel: France condemns the recent armed movements in Lebanon and calls for an immediate cessation of armed violence and for the lifting of barriers that are preventing the movement and also calls for respect for the legitimate Government of Lebanon and for the respect of democracy in Lebanon

22:37 MP Hariri: Dialogue to resolve the crisis should begin with the Hezbollah disarmament issue. What happened against Beirut and other areas is exactly what we have consistently warned against

22:26 Second Deputy Chairman of the Phalange Party Salim el Sayegh told "Future TV": The agreement between the Free Patriotic Movement ( Aoun) and Hezbollah was used as a means to divide the Christian community

22:15 Lavrov contacted Aboul Gheit by telephone to brief him on the outcome of the Cairo meeting on Lebanese crisis. Sergey Lavrov is the Russian Foreign Minister, who is Armenian Russian. Ahmad Aboul Gheit is the Egyptian Foreign Minister

21:54 MP Akram Chehayyeb tells Future TV: "Hezbollah will not be able to translate its success on the ground into political gain politics and we refuse any dialogue at gunpoint"

21:43 Minister of youth and Sports Ahmad Fatfat tells "Future TV": Any dialogue under pressure is worthless and will not produce any results and the Lebanese citizens will never abide by any decision issued under duress or gunpoint

21:30 Moussa in an interview with German news agency: "No obstacles for the travel to Beirut by the ministerial committee and the situation in Lebanon reminds me of a saying: once a crises intensifies, it is time to be resolved"

21:20 Education minister Qabbani tells LBC TV: "The schools are not officially closed. It is up to the discretion of parents and school administrator."

21:12 French FM Kouchner: A draft resolution may be presented to the Security Council to resolve the Lebanese crisis

21:07 PM Fouad Siniora called for a cabinet meeting Wednesday

21:05 Children march in the camp of Ein el Helwa Palestinian refugee camp in commemoration of the Nakba and the occupation of Palestine

20:56 Siniora tells Future TV: "The weapons of Hezbollah are supposed to defend the homeland and not directed against the Lebanese people. The use of arms against citizens will only harm the nation. There are many reasonable people who can help find a solution ... May the martyrs rest in peace. I want to congratulate all staff and personnel in Future Television ... Free press in Lebanon will remain one of our most important characteristics. We will remain the harbingers of freedom of expression."

20:40 "March 14 supporters in Paris called on the Friends of Lebanon to participate in a demonstration of solidarity in front of the Iranian embassy in Paris under the slogan "No to the intervention of Iran - Syria, no to a coup by Hezbollah against the homeland, no to the civil war, yes to the respect of the constitutional institutions, yes to Lebanon' s freedom, Independence, Sovereignty and democracy, yes to freedom of expression, yes to a state of law and order "

20:36 Gen. Sulaiman: What happened in the Lebanese streets is a real civil war that no army in the world could face and suppress

20:24 Suaed told Future TV : What Hezbollah did is the biggest " stupid mistake " and the party sacrificed the interests of the Shiite sect for the regional projects of its mother Authority (in reference to Iran and Syria)

20:11 MP Hariri met with Egyptian Ambassador at his home in Qoraytem

20:05 After a meeting at the home of the Mufti of Akkar Hezbollah was condemned for distorting facts and for turning its guns against the Lebanese people for achieving political gains

19:52 Former minister Talal Arslan: No one is seeking or expecting the handover of personal weapons of the people of Mt Lebanon or any Lebanese people. MP Walid Jumblatt has appointed Raja Harb to coordinate with the army the hand over of PSP centers and any weapons if any were found.

It is important to note that all the Lebanese factions handed over their weapons to the government at the end of the civil war in 1990 . The only group that was able to keep its weapons was Hezbollah on condition that these weapons will be only used for resisting the Israeli occupation and never ever against the Lebanese citizens. Hezbollah was accused breaching the trust of the Lebanese people when it violated this trust and pointed its weapons against its own people

19:29 Former minister Qandil: the government decisions in on May 5 equal to the war decision in July 2006 ( in reference to the Hezbollah Israeli war ).
The Hezbollah led opposition still consider army chief Michel Suleiman as a compromise candidate

19:28 Lebanese Forces' leader Samir Geagea after meeting with British Ambassador: I received information that does not reassure me or make me optimistic about the methods or the role of the Arab Ministerial Committee in trying to end the crises

18:54 Army: Israeli reconnaissance aircraft flew over the south before noon today and left over the sea off the town of Naqoura

19:03 : Information minister Ghazi Aridi participated in the re-opening of the Future ( almustaqbal ) channels and the resumption of their broadcasting.
The future movement ( almustaqbal ) denied any involvement in the prevention of the broadcasts by other channels in the north of Lebanon. They called the rumors fabrications and lies

19:00 Aridi: I hope that the pain suffered as a result of the destruction of news Al Sharq radio station, The Armenian Radio station "Sevane" "al Shiraa" magazine and a number of newspapers and magazines and TV stations will be the end of the pain and suffering that affected the photographers ,reporters, and journalists who carry the banner of the freedom of speech in Lebanon and order to protect Lebanon

18:55 Lebanese throughout the country are mourning their sons and daughters who were killed as a result of the open war Hezbollah declared on Lebanon and the Lebanese people. In the upper Matn region of Mt Lebanon five martyrs, who died in clashes in the city of Shouifat, were mourned in the villages of Kafr Silwan, Qubbaii and Ruwasit el Ballout

18:50 Lebanese Army: Israeli reconnaissance aircraft flew over the South of Lebanon and left over the sea off the town of Naqoura

17 :48 Parliament majority leader Saad Hariri said from Quraitem: What has happened is an alarm clock call that the civil war is coming, Hariri said.

18:30 resigned Hezbollah Minister Mohammed Fneish discuss for one hour the developments with Egyptian Ambassador Ahmad Badawi

17:26 Hariri: The Lebanese army has been unable to defend the citizens but the citizens were able to defend the unity of the army

17:19 Hariri: the issue of security in all parts of Lebanon should be on top of the agenda of any dialogue

17:14 Saad Hariri : Hezbollah-led opposition is asking the leaders of March 14 alliance to hand over Lebanon to the Syrian and Iranian regimes and this will be impossible for us to agree to

17:12 Hariri: Heroes of Hezbollah-led opposition committed a crime against the Lebanese under the slogan of defending the resistance

17:08 Hariri: I hold the party that started this war responsible for the blood that was spilled in this war. In reference to Hezbollah

17:05 Hariri: The May 2008 coup is far bigger than Hezbollah to decide, it is a coup engineered by Syria and Iran and executed by our brothers and by our relatives in Lebanon. Again in reference to Hezbollah

17:02 Hariri: they initiated an open war on the state and its institutions and civil liberties and peace to change all the equations and to return the Syrian presence as an Iranian tool in the area

16:20 We have been informed by some people in Tripoli, they can get and watch "OTV" and "NBN," and "Al-Manar" TV stations. Earlier New TV has reported that these stations accused Future movement ( almustaqbal) supporters of attacking the stations to prevent them from broadcasting

16:19 former minister Talal Arslan: Siniora's continuation is becoming a burden on the country. The Lebanese Democratic Party is in all the mountain villages and is a fundamental structure of the fabric of this community. Do not believe the rumors you hear

16:13 Arslan: No one wants in any way to enter the homes of the people of mount Lebanon, no one in mt Lebanon like the rest of Lebanon wants to hand over their personal weapon and we should not expect them to do so

16:12 Arslan: My primary concern is the stopping of the bloodshed , protection of Mt Lebanon from any violence , protection of the noble resistance and protection of a free, independent and sovereign Lebanon and ...you can always count on Mt Lebanon in this regard

16:10 Arslan: I am not after any political gain or personal interests but my main concern is the interest of our people who trusted me. I hereby confirm that the weapons are being handed over to the arm wherefore they are found

15:57, New TV : "NBN," and "Al-Manar" called for halting of the attacks by the supporters of the Future movement ( almustaqbal) against their broadcast stations in north Lebanon . NBN is owned by Berri ( Amal movement) and Al Manar by Hezbollah .
It is important to note that Hezbollah and Amal gunmen destroyed / set on fire all the Future movement ( almustaqbal) TV broadcasting stations , Newspaper operations , Radios , offices (including the Hariri educational centers that spent billions on scholarships for all Lebanese including Shiites) and searched the contents of these locations and replaced the pictures of the slain PM Rafik Hariri that were found in these institutions with posters of Syrian president Basher el Assad

15:47 Tourism minister Joe Sarkis: We will be opening sea shipping line between Tripoli and Cyprus and another shipping between Jounieh and Tripoli within the coming hours and the port of Jounieh will return to work normally for the transfer of passengers by cruise ships to and from Lebanon

15:38 Iranian president Ahmadinejad: Iran is the only country that did not interfere in internal Lebanese affairs what Lebanon is witnessing is not a war but a move to face the U.S. interference

15:35 LBCTV : No meeting of the cabinet so far and all decisions are frozen pending the arrival of the Arab delegation

15:30 cautious calm in the Shouf region and Aley, the army began to deploy on the hills of the Shouf and especially Maaser, Mrusti and Niha which were attacked by Hezbollah gunmen last Sunday

15:26 LBC: shooting heard in Jdeeta area . The army is deploying in the area

15:18, Druze Sheikh el Akl Naim Hassan:The Lebanese army is called upon today more than ever to impose security and law and order on all the Lebanese lands, including the mountain regions and prevent all forms of militancy presence of any party whatsoever, and to whatever group they belong to preserve civil peace

Sheikh el Akl Hassan 15:17: we forbid any one of us to assault anyone and we forbid anyone to assault anyone of us

15:15, Sheikh el Akl Hassan: We reject all practices and abuses against our folks in Mount Lebanon and violation of the sanctity of our homes and villages and the violation of our safety

15:10 Sheikh el Akl Hassan: emphasized the strength and unity of the Druze community and the solidarity among themselves in the face of the danger and applauded the steps taken by the two Druze leaders Walid Jumblatt and Talal Arslan to maintain and preserve the dignity of the Druze community

15:00 NewTV: Moussa is expected to arrive today at 9: 00 pm to Rafik Hariri International Airport , Beirut

14:58 Solana told "KUNA:" we follow the events in Lebanon closely and call on parties concerned to exercise restraint and to speed up the election of a new president as soon as possible and stop this wave of violence

14:52 Aley members of Parliament stressed peace and internal stability and commended the role of the army in maintaining security and called for the strengthening of the presence of the State throughout the country

beirut airport road closed.jpg14:46 road to the airport is still closed

14:39 new: cautious calm in the Bekaa and traffic returned to normal, all shops and institutions and banks opened their doors and all roads opened to pedestrians after the removal of all barriers and obstacles, the army deployed everywhere in the region and no armed elements are visible on the streets

14:35 New TV: cautious calm in the city of Tripoli and the area around the el Tabbaneh and Jebel Mohsen, the army reinforced its deployment and the streets were empty of armed elements and traffic movement is gradually and slowly returning to normal

14:30 French ambassador André PARANT after meeting with resigned Minister Salloukh: the government's resignation is not the solution and hope that the Arab ministerial committee will settle the current crisis in the foreseeable future

14:00 A security detachment composed of 27 persons arrived in Beirut aboard a plane coming from Qatar to take care of the security of the ministerial committee scheduled to arrive Wednesday to help resolve the crises.

13:50 U.S. Embassy in Beirut: Embassy in Aukar will receive materials and supplies needed by U.S. military helicopters due to lack of facilities for the regular receipt of goods at Rafik Hariri International Airport

13:40 Saud al-Faisal: We regret the use of arms internally to achieve political objectives and we call on all regional parties to keep hands off Lebanon and support the Lebanese government in the actions taken to confront the crisis and we call for the withdrawal of the armed elements off the street and the Saudi ambassador was summoned for consultation but will return when things calm down, the embassy remained in Lebanon

13:37 or TV: the sound of a bomb heard near the Grand Serail in Sidon

13:35 U.S. Embassy in Beirut announced that it is the only source of official information on services for Americans and nationals of other consular services at the embassy and called on its nationals to see the US Beirut embassy website to keep abreast of developments

13:25 Nadeem Mulla told the "Voice of Lebanon": Future TV / al Mustaqbal " decided to resume broadcasting starting from 4:30pm today Tuesday on all terrestrial channels and satellite radio as well Radio "East" Al Sharq. Tomorrow Wdnesday the Future / al Mustaqbal newspaper will will be issued starting tomorrow morning . We have taken the decision despite repeated threats which affected us and other institutions and Arab and international media figures and I hold Hezbollah and Amal movement responsible for any damage to any of the installations that are under the control of their forces

12:40 Former MP Nasser Qandil: The Arab Ministerial Committee is the last chance before Lebanon heads to hell.

12:31 Former Premier Omar Karami to TeleLiban: If the Arab Ministerial Committee is coming to Beirut with the old mentality of "elect a president and then we will talk," they will fail.

11:26 MP Saad Hariri will hold a press conference at 5 p.m. today.

11:01 Head of the Lebanese Option Gathering Ahmed Al-Assaad: Hezbollah's policy is preventing the emergence of the state. My message to Sayyed Nasrallah is: enough. This issue of weapons is turning into a burden on the Lebanese, especially the Shiite sect. He must hand over weapons to the army, and he is not protecting Hezbollah's leadership.

11:00 Al-Assaad: What is happening must not be put on the shoulders of the Shia people, the majority of whom have been taken hostage like all the Lebanese. We have no interest in what is happening. Regardless of the money sent by Teheran, it is not enough but for a small part of the sect, while the majority's choice is the state.

10:32 MP Ibrahim Kanaan to OTV:

09:00 cautious calm in Tripoli after a renewal of armed confrontations early in the morning.

08:04 MP Akram Chehayyeb tells the Voice of Lebanon radio station: We tell those who are trying to use the pretext of weapons depots to create obstacles that they should be aware of the fact that the Lebanese army is aware of everything.

07:27 Snipers are active again in Tripoli, after an earlier 3:00 a.m. end to rifle, RPG and mortar fire in the area between Bab Al-Tabbane and Jabal Mohsen.

See in pictures what the war has done to Lebanon and the Lebanese

hezbollah carrying coffin of supporter.jpg
Hezbollah supporters carrying the coffin of one of their colleagues who was killed in the war that was initiated by their leader who promised never to use the resistance guns against the Lebanese citizens . The war has resulted in the death of over 60 people and in the wounding of over 200 in Lebanon

druze- mourning and praying.jpg

Druze sheikhs praying and mourning the death of one of their sons who was killed by Hezbollah gunmen in Mt Lebanon. Iran and Syria were accused of engineering the 'coup' that was executed by Hezbollah against Lebanon and all the Lebanese people

druze- mourn in shouifat.jpg

Relatives and friends mourn over the dead body of a Druze man killed in recent clashes, before his funeral in Shouifat area in Mount Lebanon near Beirut May 13, 2008.

hezbollah carrying coffin of supporter 2.jpg

Hezbollah supporters carry the coffin of a colleague during his funeral in southern Beirut.

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