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AUTHOR: Ismini "Atari" Roby | PUBLISHED: July 27, 1999 | COMMENTS (88)

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Yuffie Kisaragi is a character out of Final Fantasy VII, one of the most popular RPG series that ever hit the US market. She is a 16 year old member of a ninja family, and is a secret character in the game. Cloud Strife, the main character of the game, finds her near the forest.

Pros - A 16 year old ninja girl was a nice refreshing change. Her personality and character was a nice original touch to the game. She's a good fighter, and a cute character.

Cons - She is greedy and devious. Although, this fit her role in the game, I never felt like she really had closure. She never seemed to realize all that her friends had done for her. It left me with the impression that she will always be devious, and it would have been nice if her character had matured and developed through this story.

Overall (7/10) - I wasn't disappointed with this character. I felt she added value to the game. She gave the game a little extra original twist.

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Overall Score: 7.0 / 10

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