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About: KnujOn is a multi-tiered response to Internet threats, specifically email-based threats. The success of this project is based on the cooperative efforts of business, government, law enforcement, security professionals, consumers, and average citizens. Knujon is a meeting point for all parties who wish to make the Internet a safer place. This multi-purpose e-fraud tool has significantly reduced junk mail traffic to various users and on the Internet in general. As more networks begin using KnujOn spam, phishing, and other threats will become issues of the past.


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Results: 54,357 site shutdowns (67,095 pending).

Client Testimonials:

"First I want thank you for the greater than 80% reduction in spam and congratulations on 10,000 shutdowns." - Mike

"I think what you guys are doing is awesome." - Byron

"I have recently registered at knujon and I am seeing a decline in the amount of spam I am receiving." - Will

"Started using Knujon last year and now I barely get any junk mail." - Helena


Status: is has expanded operations: join.
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Personal: is proud to help individuals with their junk mail problems. Personal email application.

Law Enforcement Forensic Tool: KnujOn is designed to collect and sort data for investigations and data analysis. For a demonstration or more information please email

Corporate Networks/Enterprise-Wide: KnujOn is available to organizations of various sizes over the Internet. No hardware to purchase or applications to manage. Dump your junk mail to us and we'll send you regular progress reports. For more information click here or on the "Register" tab above. We also offer aggressive trademark and copyright infringement monitoring. In the of world e-commerce protecting your name is everything!

ISP Cleaning Are you a Service Provider or Web Content Host trying to keep your network free of illicit sites? Did you know that you can be held liable for the trademark violations of your customers? We can analyze your client sites for malicious code, illegal products, or other content that violates your Terms Of Service agreements. Don't wait until a user reports it, the police contact you, or someone sues you. Let us keep your service illicit site free. Email us

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For more information send an email to Unlike other sites, we will not request that you don't send spam, in fact we'd prefer it as it will be used in our research.

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