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Student Organized Services (SOS) DBA Stanford Eating Clubs (SEC) was founded in 1995 by Nick Peters, then CEO. This for-profit division provides a legal, payroll, and accounting "back-end safety-net" for the student management program. SOS is an outsource supplier of HR, contracting, financial management, and insurance needs for about 40 kitchens employing 60 full-time employees and serving approximately 1600 Stanford students. SOS also trains student managers and provides advisory support for the Student Management program at large, together with Stanford University's Office of Residential Education.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be an integral part of Stanford University's program for fostering learning within and without the classroom. We share the essential conviction of Residential Education — that living and learning should be integrated, not separate, and that formal teaching, informal learning, and personal support in student residences is essential to a Stanford education.

Stanford Eating Clubs, Inc. provides a hands-on management leadership opportunity to serve the Stanford Community in paid student positions as residential staff. Students learn management skills within a framework that allows them to experiment with new programmatic and business ideas, to adapt to changing customer needs, and to quickly implement changes as necessary. The mentoring framework for student management is set up in such a manner that mistakes are expected: we are committed to ensuring that the students learn from those mistakes.

The Stanford Eating Clubs, Inc. has been committed to these principles since 1894. Our organization has since been strongly integrated in Stanford's unique and visionary Residential Education program.

September 20, 2006

Dear Stanford Row Chefs and KM's,

Nick Peters and Zac Sargeant of Stanford Eating Clubs, Inc. (SEC) DBA Student Organized Services (SOS) are proud to announce additional services and group risk/purchasing options to the Row Student Management program. SEC/SOS has long espoused the philosophy that we are all in this together. As such we have had the opportunity this summer to begin legwork on various services that we can offer your house that should save you time and money.

We will have an informational meeting with further details on these services on Friday, October 6, 2006 at 12:30 PM in Barristers Eating Club. The new services currently envisioned are:

Looking forward to another successful year, please feel free to contact us with any immediate questions; otherwise, come on by on Friday, October 6 at 12:30 PM.

Nick Peters
(650) 520-0673 (cell)
Zac Sargeant
(831) 801-4903 (cell)

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