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What is this... synesthesia?
Does your favorite book smell like textured circles?  Do you think you are the same age as the cerulean blue, steadfast, brotherly, male number 4?  Do you dislike the personality of your bedroom’s doorframe?  Do you see white when you stub your toe?  Does the odor of road tar taste salty?  Does Sting's voice look like golden spheres?
If so, you are almost certainly a synesthete.  (Most people are!)  Synesthesia literally refers to the fact that in some animals, a stimulus in one sense modality involuntarily elicits a sensation/experience in another sense modality.  An example of this would be the taste of lemon visually evoking the color blue.  The elicited synesthetic experience does not replace the normal experience but instead always adds to it.  Synesthetic elicitations are durable, consistent, and discrete, as noted by Dr. Cytowic.
Other examples of synesthetic experiences people can have, just to name a few, are being able to see sounds — as well as hear them; seeing or "knowing" the colors, sexes, and personalities of letters, numbers, and other symbols; feeling weight and shape on their bodies by just tasting something; and smelling colors.

The goal of this site, MixSig.net, is to bring synesthetes and non-synesthetes together to learn about this fascinating condition as well as our own persons in the process.  Please don't forget to change your bookmarks and links, if you would!  ;)

synesthesia books
Please help keep my website running by clicking the following links and buying these good synesthesia-related books!

The Man Who Tasted Shapes
by Richard Cytowic
Blue Cats and Chartreuse Kittens:
How Synesthetes Color Their Worlds

by Patricia Lynne Duffy
A Mango-Shaped Space
by Wendy Mass
The Giver
by Lois Lowry
Synaesthesia:  Classic and Contemporary Readings
by John E. Harrison
The Hidden Sense:  Synesthesia in Art and Science
by Cretien van Campen
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