North Hollywood: 1947

Jokers Take Over "Flying Saucers"

     Source: The Cincinnati [Ohio] Post
     Thursday, July 10, 1947 - Page 28

[Snipped excerpt from larger article]

Russell Long, North Hollywood, Cal., construction engineer, found a 25-inch metal disc with radio tubes flashing and smoking in his flower garden and excitedly called the fire department. "It looks like someone went to a great deal of trouble for a joke," said battalion chief Wallace E. Newcombe of the Los Angeles Fire Department.

"Saucer" Found in Hollywood Garden

     Source: The [Maysville, Kentucky] Public Ledger
     July 10, 1947 - Page 3

North Hollywood, Calif., July 10 - A saucer-shaped mechanical contraption, resembling a chicken-brooder top with a few gad