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Beverly goes Beverly Hills

By Bobby Gates

Wed May 14, 2008, 10:47 AM EDT

Beverly, Mass. -

Filming of the Proposal is one of several Hollywood movies to have filmed some scenes in Beverly.

In fact, film crews have been to Beverly Airport before, too.
Here are some other movies that have been shot in Beverly.

“State and Main”: A David Mamet written and directed film that starred Alec Baldwin included a scene shot in an Abbott Street home in 1999. In the movie the home belonged to the mayor of a small Vermont town. A Beverly police cruiser is visible in the scene. Another scene was shot at the Beverly Farms train depot.


“Thomas Crown Affair”: A scene that includes a bank robbery and a car theft was shot at the North Beverly Plaza in the original 1968 version of the film that starred Steve McQueen.


“Mrs. Winterbourne”: A scene in the 1996 film that included Ricki Lake was shot on Mechanic Street and another scene was shot at the Beverly Farms train depot.


“The Perfect Storm”: A helicopter scene was shot at Beverly Airport in the 2000 film starring George Clooney that chronicled the tale of Gloucester fishing boat “Andrea Gail.”


“Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon”: There is a driving scene in the 1970 movie that was filmed on Cabot Street.


“The Crucible”: The 1996 film starring Wynona Ryder featured a scene that was filmed in an interior courtyard at the old United Shoe Machinery Corp. on Elliott Street, which is now the Cummings Center.


“The Good Son”: The 1993 movie starred Macaulay Caulkin and a house built by movie producers was set up at Lynch Park and the ocean off the park is visible during one scene.

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