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Thursday, 15 May 2008

Obama: Edwards tips the balance?

By James Macintyre

It is a moment the Clinton campaign, and Obama-haters the world over, have been dreading. The Democrat former presidential contender John Edwards has just endorsed the Illinois Senator, adding his voice to that of Senator Ted kennedy.

Could this be the tipping point that finally - as unfashionably predicted here last year - sees American voters "roll the dice" away from a cynical candidacy prepared to stop at nothing, towards a unifying candidate ready to make a clean break from the Washington establishment? Watch this space.


The Unifying candidate? You must refer to a handout Bambi once fixed.

Lets not confuse giving away dollops of other people's cash (taxes) with "unifying".

BTW The last time I unified with anything "democratic" was when I was cleaning the kitchen and "it" tried to run away behind the sink.

An Obama-Edwards ticket might even make me break my voting virginity for the best, most honorable ticket I have seen during my lifetime.

Probably not though ... after Nixon-Reagan-Bush I-Bush II I will believe it when I see it and consider voting in a political process (which has condoned and encouraged everything from torture to spying and trading human blood for oil and drugs) AFTER Obama has proved himself for 4 years.

Until then, good night America, you were an honorable experiment!

Edwards, that's the ticket..This 'perfumed prince' couldn't carry his home state of North Carolina for his running partner, Kerry..Had to retire since he had little chance of bring re-elected..A great match for Obama..Guy does have great hair..

Jehosephat Margulies, Your virginity aside, it is still an honourable experiment. Too bad the weak kneed, such as yourself, can't see it through. Stop pandering to the likes of us, who have little power in righting the wrongs of the world..Better men than you or I are making it possible to scribble these notions (and sleep, comfortably this night)...

it's all a fake ... not the endorsement, the weight that the media is giving it ...

the bias is deafening ...

my guess is that obama is going to get shellacked in kentucky ... and is the media going to admit that it took sides and has been misrepresenting the game for the last six weeks?

nah, they'll dig in deeper

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