Asus is a pioneer of cut-down systems running Linux

Asus to offer Linux on all motherboards

Taiwanese manufacturer will embed open source OS across entire range

Written by Guy Dixon

Consumers want to turn their PCs on and off like any other appliance

Joe Hsieh General manager, Asus motherboard division

Asus is to fit its entire range of motherboards with the company's Express Gate version of Splashtop Linux.

Splashtop boots from a Flash chip on the motherboard in a matter of seconds and is designed to run a small suite of applications including Firefox, Skype and instant messaging.

The Linux-based software will be extended immediately to the new P5Q Deluxe, P5Q-WS, P5Q3 Deluxe and P5Q-E series motherboards, and Asus has pledged to produce a further million Splashtop motherboards per month.

Part of Splashtop's appeal is that it complements rather than replaces Windows, offering users the option to run a choice of operating systems.

Its low power consumption and Wi-Fi support also make it an attractive option for notebook manufacturers.

Asus, a long-term Linux stalwart, is widely seen as a pioneer of cut-down systems running the open source operating and has enjoyed commercial success with its increasingly popular Eee PC.

"In response to great user feedback our plan is to proliferate Express Gate across our entire motherboard product portfolio, starting with over one million motherboards per month," said Joe Hsieh, general manager of Asus' motherboard division.

"Consumers want to turn their PCs on and off like any other appliance, and Express Gate has made that possible."

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