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7th Heaven Past Season Episode Guide
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7th Heaven Past Season Episode Guide

It's Late | Home Run | Mama's Gonna Buy You a Diamond Ring | Ring Around the Rosie | The Rat's Out of the Bag | Helpful | Soup's On | Chicken Noodle Heads | Turkey | Apple Pie | Xmas | Got MLK? | And Baby Makes Three | The Magic of Gershwin | Love and Obsession | Moving Ahead | Highway to Cell | Invitation to Disaster | Secrets | And No More Secrets | Goodbye | And Thank You

And Thank You
Original air date May 8, 2006
Rose and Simon's wedding day arrives... but do they make it to the altar?
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Original air date May 1, 2006
Rose tells Simon she may be pregnant; the rest of the Camdens reminisce about their past.
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And No More Secrets
Original air date April 24, 2006
The Camdens can't keep secrets for long. Ruthie spills a shocking one about Matt and Sarah.
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Original air date April 17, 2006
Everyone has a secret... but the Camdens aren't very good at keeping them. Plus, Ruthie and Lucy become jealous when Annie bonds with Rose.
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Invitation to Disaster
Original air date April 10, 2006
Rose and Simon's wedding date conflicts with Matt and Sarah's med school graduation.
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Highway to Cell
Original air date April 3, 2006
It's one cell phone call after another in the Camden household.
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Moving Ahead
Original air date Feb. 27, 2006
Ruthie bonds with her mom, Reverend Camden tries to patch up Simon and Rose's relationship, and Lucy embraces two huge new challenges.
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Love and Obsession
Original air date Feb. 13, 2006
Valentine's Day doesn't go as planned for the Camdens.
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The Magic of Gershwin
Original air date Feb. 6, 2006
Ruthie discovers the power of music.
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And Baby Makes Three
Original air date Jan. 30, 2006
Sandy has her baby!
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Got MLK?
Original air date Jan. 23, 2006
Martin is confronted with racism.
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Original air date Dec. 12, 2005
The Camdens get into the holiday spirit.
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Apple Pie
Original air date Nov. 28, 2005
Kevin and Martin fight!
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Original air date Nov. 21, 2005
The Camdens celebrate Thanksgiving.
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Chicken Noodle Heads
Original air date Nov. 14, 2005
Martin comes clean about Sandy's baby.
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Soup's On
Original air date Nov. 7, 2005
Simon deals with financial troubles.
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Original air date Oct. 31, 2005
Sandy makes a major confession to Simon.
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The Rat's Out of the Bag
Original air date Oct. 17, 2005
Matt returns to spy on Lucy with Kevin -- who's in disguise as a rat. Those crazy Camdens (and Kinkirks!).
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Ring Around the Rosie
Original air date Oct. 10, 2005
Lucy questions her abilities as pastor; Ruthie may have feelings for Martin. Read the full recap!

Mama's Gonna Buy You a Diamond Ring
Original air date Oct. 3, 2005
Ruthie discovers her sexuality, Simon and Rose argue over living arrangements, and Lucy throws a church social.
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Home Run
Original air date Sept. 26, 2005
Martin's a dad, Kevin quits the police force, and no one wants Lucy as associate pastor.
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It's Late
Original air date Sept. 19, 2005
Martin might be a father, Simon and Rose speed things up, and Ruthie has a new (much older) crush.
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