Aaron grew up on a farm where his father taught Aaron, his brother and two sisters the value of work from an early age by planting a field of strawberries the kids farmed, harvested and sold. 

In his early teens, Aaron worked hard at after-school jobs and earned good money. He began his entrepreneurial activity as a licensed sales agent who worked on commission. Later, he

worked in a gravel pit and earned up to $18,000 ayear. Aaron saved nearly all of it. Aaron began his IRA at age 14. What Aaron Schock owns now is a result of working, saving and investing on his own. On his 18th birthday, Aaron bought his first piece of real estate and has since been an active investor in real estate. He later bought his own home in an older neighborhood of Peoria which he and his brother renovated.

Aaron graduated from Bradley University with a four-year degree in Finance in only two years. After graduation from college, Aaron and a partner started a small business that employed three people.

At age 19, Aaron ran a difficult write-in campaign for the Peoria School Board. He won the election by getting 6,407 write-in votes, defeating the incumbent school board president with 60% of the vote. Aaron knocked on 13,000 doors to achieve that victory.

Aaron worked hard on the school board, researching issues and absorbing information about all of the Peoria schools. He was elected by his colleagues to be vice president of the board at age 22. By age 23, he was elected unanimously as president of the board.

At age 22, Aaron took on an eight year incumbent Democrat state representative in a 60% Democrat district and again, with hard work, he won.

In his first five months in office, Representative Aaron Schock was able to work 11 of the bills he authored to passage. So far he has passed 18 bills he sponsored, some of which were called “landmark” reforms when they were signed into law.

In office, he has provided exceptional constituent service by helping hundreds of people in his district solve difficult problems. He has always been available to help his constituents and works hard to take action on their behalf.

As a state representative, Aaron has been exceptionally engaged with neighborhood associations and non-profit organizations to a degree they have never seen before. He is relentless in attending important community events in his district.

As a result of his hard work and accomplishments in office, Aaron Schock was re-elected to the Illinois House of Representatives in 2006 with 59% of the vote.

After his re-election, Aaron also became employed by Junction Ventures and later the Petersen Companies in Peoria, where he was overseeing business development and building hotels. Since he decided to run for Congress, Aaron resigned, giving up potential ownership stakes, to devote his time to his campaign for Congress.

Aaron Schock has excelled at everything he has taken on and those he has served in public office have been the beneficiaries of his hard work.
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