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Target Industries
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Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership's target industries for expansion and recruitment are:

The significance of the aerospace sector is evident with the presence of Johnson Space Center and the related JSC contractors. For a complete list of JSC contractors is available here.

Additionally, the chemical and plastics industry concentration is strong with more than 60 international companies located throughout the Bayport Industrial Complex. These facilities produce the essential building blocks f or many of today's everyday products such as plastic bottles, cleaning agents, antifreeze, grocery bags, and more.

The business services cluster provides evidence that the Bay Area Houston region is well supported by a mature system of auxiliary enterprises suitable to a new technology industry concentration. Beneficiaries of this strong support system are the software, biotechnology and communications equipment clusters. Most of these companies work in tandem with existing NASA and the chemical/petrochemical industries, but quite a few also serve the biomedical and bioresearch developments growing from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston.

Bay Area Houston Employment by Target Industry Sector

Emp. Chart

In 2008, the Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership engaged Angelou Economics to complete a cluster assessment of the business activity in the region. The results revealed some surprises and established well-known facts.

Cluster Chart

The data reveals the relative size of selected technology clusters to the Bay Area Houston region. Due to the strong clusters in aerospace, software and computer services, biotechnology, chemicals and plastics, and business services, the Bay Area Houston Partnership seeks to enhance these sectors in the region. Each sector ranks above the national and Texas averages.

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Last Update: February 26, 2008