About TechnoMoney

I always wanted to be a blogger and have my own blog. One day an idea struck me and TechnoMoney was born.

This blog is basically geared towards technology and also to teach you how to make money online.

About Me

Wondering who am I?

I am the next John Chow, probably the first going-to-be John Chow who’ll be from India. Yep, I’m from India. But here’s the interesting part: I am living in Eritrea. I am dead sure you haven’t even heard of it yet. If not then here’s a brief into:


Eritrea is situated on the horn of Africa and is near Ethiopia. It’s pretty boring to be here. No credit cards, no high-speed broadband internet, no TV, basically no modern digital entertainment at all.

Ok, enough about where I live.


Here’s something more about me. My name’s Ruchir (Ruchir Chawdhry to be full) and I want to be a software or computer engineer. Though I only want to be one because it’s good to have a nice qualification, right? I don’t intend to join any ‘real’ job though. As I said already I’m the next John Chow and John doesn’t make his income the hard way. That said, currently my main aim in life is to actually start a business and also bring in about $30,000 a month from the internet alone before I reach the age of 20.

That’s it for my intro. Have fun on my blog.