Scarecrow and Mrs. King: Filling in the Blanks


One of the main reasons for fanfic to exist is to fill in the blanks of our beloved TV shows/movies/etc. Sometimes the episode didn't end the way we think it should have, or there are obvious missing scenes that we would have loved to see. Sometimes we go, "what if?" (especially with regards to our favorite couples getting together sooner rather than later!), or we want more detailed personal discussions than we saw on screen. So we sit down and write these stories to satisfy our own curiosity, or we search fanfic archives to find such stories, especially right after watching a particular episode.

Now that SMK is no longer being aired in reruns, the next best thing is reading fanfic, especially that based on episodes! So here's a collection of all of the filler and/or episode-based stories that I could find.

The Stories

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Hooray, an update! This site last modified on July 1, 2004.
  • Seven new stories ("Over the Limit," "All the World's a Stage," "Nightcrawler," and multiple third and fourth seasons)
  • Total stories 139. "Utopia Now" and "Nightcrawler" are tied for the lead with ten stories. There are still 28 episodes with no stories attached, if anyone's looking for something to do...
  • And this page has now had over 7500 individual hits, still averaging nine a day. Wow! Thank you, everyone!
Technical stuff
  • This site will only have fanfic rated PG-13 and lower. I want to be able to recommend this site without blushing.
  • Some stories simply add a few lines, some fill in blanks, and some take an episode and run with it. If a story does not follow canon in its continuation of an episode, it will be labeled AU (alternate universe).
  • If you have a post-ep or filler scene that you'd like to be included in here, please e-mail me at Thanks!
  • I know the site's kinda plain, but I want to be friendly to as many different browsers as possible.
  • If a story is based on more than one episode, it appears under the latest episode mentioned.

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