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Clay's No. 4, Chris S. No. 190 in chart debuts

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As, I'm sure, virtually every Clay fan knows already, Clay's new album, On My Way Here, makes its debut on the Billboard album chart at No. 4, selling 94,000 copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan. In a somewhat healthier sales climate, his last album, the covers package A Thousand Different Ways, sold 211,000 its first week in late 2006, entering the chart at No. 2. Even with that head start, it's only a little above half a million now; with a smaller beginning, Way will need some added stimulus (hit single would be helpful) to match that total.

Idol sales in general were up, a phenomenon perhaps somewhat attributable to Mother's Day being part of the sales week and Idol albums being regarded, in some circles, as ideal gift items. (If you have a better theory, I'm open to it.)

Jordin surrenders her top Idol perch to Clay, but climbs 23-18 with a 23% sales increase to 24,000, for a total of 741,000.

Carrie's Carnival Ride jumps 39-25 thanks to a 49% increase in sales, up to 22,000, for a total of 2.08 million. Some Hearts is also up, moving 75-60 on the chart and boosting its sales 30% to 12,000 for a total of 6.41 million.

Daughtry moves 29-27 with a 19% sales uptick to 21,000, with a total of 4.04 million.

Phil experiences the usual sizable second-week drop, falling 43-118 and sliding 49% in sales to the mid-6,000s, for a total of 20,000.

And Chris Sligh's Running Back to You emerges at 190 in its first week, selling 4,000 copies. It is the top Christian-music debut for the week.

Off-chart Idols follow.

Josh is the top-selling non-charting Idol, improving to 3,400 from 3,000 for a total of 41,000. He missed the top 200 chart by about 400 copies.

Bo's performance on last week's Idol paid off with a 282% increase from approximately 800 to around 3,000 this week, boosting his total to 52,000.

Kellie also sold 3,000, up from 2,500, to hit 756,000 in total.

Kelly's Breakaway sold 2,400, up from 2,000, for a total of 5.99 million. My December was also up, selling 1,000, compared to 800, for a total of 765,000.

Blake sold 1,600, up from 1,000, total 293,000.

Bucky sold around 1,600, up from 1,300, total 342,000.

Elliott sold 1,000, up from 900, total 508,000.

Mandisa sold 700, up from 500, total 79,000.

Randy sold 700, down from 800, total 29,000.

Clay's Thousand sold 400, up from 300, total 526,000.

Fantasia sold 300, down from 400, total 513,000.

Katharine sold 200, same as last week, total 371,000.

Kimberley sold 200, same as last week, total 21,000.

Taylor, Ruben and Constantine remained at 100; Taylor's total is 702,000, Ruben's 237,000, Constantine's 25,000.

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