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May 13, 2008

Open Thread Andesine Labradorite 5-13-08

Here is a new thread for the ongoing conversation.

May 08, 2008

Open Thread Andesine-Labradorite 5-8-08

Here is a new thread for the andesine-labradorite discussion.

Update: I posted a new thread here - Open Thread Andesine Labradorite 5-13-08

May 05, 2008

Open Thread Andesine-Labradorite 5-5-08

Here is a new thread for the andesine-labradorite discussion.

Update: I added a new post at Open Thread Andesine-Labradorite 5-8-08

May 01, 2008

Open Thread Andesine-Labradorite 5-1-08

Here is a new thread for the andesine-labradorite discussion.

Update: Here is the link for the new thread - Open Thread Andesine-Labradorite 5-5-08

April 28, 2008

Open Thread Andesine-Labradorite 4-28-08

Here's a new thread for the andesine-labradorite discussions.

Update: Here is a new andesine-labradorite thread for discussion: Open Thread Andesine-Labradorite 5-1-08

April 24, 2008

Open Thread Andesine-Labradorite 4-23-08

Here is a new open thread for the andesine-labradorite discussion.

A new thread is now open at Open Thread Andesine Labradorite 4-28-08.

April 20, 2008

Open Thread Andesine-Labradorite 4-20-08

Here is a new open thread to continue the andesine-labradorite discussion.

Update: Here is a new post for discussion: Open Thread Andesine-Labradorite 4-23-08

April 16, 2008

Open Thread Andesine-Labradorite 4-16-08

Here is a new thread for the andesine-labradorite conversation.

Some of you have also been emailing suggestions, and we appreciate your thoughts and ideas. People are listening, and we welcome your conversation and suggestions.

Update: A new open thread has been posted at Open Thread Andesine-Labradorite 4-20-08.

April 11, 2008

Open Thread Andesine-Labradorite 4-11-08

Here is a new thread for the andesine-labradorite discussion.

Update: A new thread has been posted at Open Thread Andesine -Labradorite 4-16-08.

April 07, 2008

Open Thread Andesine-Labradorite 4-7-08

Here is a new open thread for the continuing andesine-labradorite conversation.

Update 4/11/08: New thread opened here: Open Thread Andesine Labradorite 4-11-08

April 03, 2008

Open Thread Andesine-Labradorite 4-3-08

Here is a new open for the discussion about andesine-labradorite.

Update: A new open thread has been started here: Open Thread Andesine-Labradorite 4-7-08

March 31, 2008

Open Thread Andesine-Labradorite 3-31-08

Per your suggestion, here is a open for discussion about andesine-labradorite.

If you want to participate in the general discussion, visit Open Thread 3-31-08.

Update 4-3-08: You can continue the discussion about Andesine-Labradorite here: Open Thread Andesine-Labradorite 4-3-08.

March 07, 2008

Open Thread

For those who are participating in the ongoing conversation among Jewelry Television customers, here is a new open thread to continue your conversation.

Update: You can continue this conversation at the new open thread post by clicking here: http://jewelrytelevision.typepad.com/jewelry_television/2008/03/open-thread-3-1.html

February 29, 2008

Andesine-Labradorite – Frequently Asked Questions Part 3

Update: For those following the Jewelry Television conversation, here is a link for the open thread.

Thank you for bearing with us as we continue to process comments and responses. As promised, here are several answers to your questions from last week. We expect to receive additional responses in the coming week, and you can find those updates here, as well.

We welcome your ongoing conversation and comments here.


The JTV Blog Team

Can I return my andesine-labradorite?
Our goal is for our customers to be fully informed and 100% satisfied. If any customer is not fully satisfied with his or her purchase, any red or green andesine-labradorite purchased from JTV may be returned by March 31, 2008, for a full refund.

Can I buy the untreated rough from Mongolia?
At present, JTV does not have this rough for sale. Since we have only recently made contact with the mine owners, we are just beginning the negotiation process. We are, however, more interested in acquiring the treated rough, which will be sent to our own cutting facilities to better control the quality of the finished product.

How can one claim to know the value of something not knowing the treatment?
When dealing with colored gemstones, color rules. In the case of red and green andesine-labradorite, the price is set by the marketplace, irrespective of heat treatment. Demand for fine-quality material far outstrips production at this point in time, creating pressure on the supply side. This is compounded by the fact that its popularity now extends past the domestic market. Consumers in many other countries have also come to enjoy the rich reds and greens that are so highly prized in the United States.

Why were the stones sold as untreated for two weeks past the period of time that you knew they were treated?
All the red and green andesine-labradorite that JTV sold as untreated was represented to us as untreated. It should be noted that what we disclosed was the discovery of andesine-labradorite mines in both northern China and southern Mongolia. We have not yet had the opportunity to negotiate with the mine owners to procure this rough directly. If JTV does acquire this material, it will be disclosed as heat treated.

When are you doing part 3 of this series?
This is part 3. I'd also like to let you know that we have sent samples of untreated and treated rough to three major labs in the US. These labs are highly respected and have an established track record that is recognized both domestically and internationally. They will try to determine the mechanism behind the color and hopefully provide guidelines on how to identify the presence of heat treatment.

Please remember that Jewelry Television is in the vanguard of the gemstone industry and is on the cutting edge of the learning curve. We will have answers when the labs have had sufficient time to study the Mongolian rough in detail. However, this may take weeks, months, or even longer.

Jewelry Television will release any new information as soon as we receive it. We want our customers to be well informed and well educated.

February 22, 2008

Open Thread: Andesine

Andesine-labradorite continues to be a hot topic on the blog. Our second set of FAQs about andesine generated over 480 comments.  We reviewed and distilled the comments to about fifteen additional questions. The blog team has forwarded these along, so look for many to be answered next week. In the meantime, you've expressed a desire for a place to continue the andesine discussion. Feel free to use this post as a place for your comments on the subject. As always, we ask that you treat one another with respect and remain cordial in your discussions.

The JTV Blog Team

Update 2/29/08: A new Andesine FAQ has been posted. To read and comment, click here:

Andesine-Labradorite – Frequently Asked Questions Part 3

February 15, 2008

Andesine - Frequently Asked Questions Part II

We'd like to continue answering questions you have about andesine-labradorite.  Three more questions and answers have been added to our andesine FAQ page. They are:

  • What is the difference between andesine, labradorite, and bytownite?
  • Does Jewelry Television know the original source of its red and green andesine-labradorite? Is it possible that the gems we first sold were untreated?
  • Can I return my andesine-labradorite purchases?

Our goal is for our customers to be fully informed and 100% satisfied.   If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase of red or green andesine-labradorite gemstones or jewelry, please call 800-550-8393 for information on how to receive a refund. 

While we're not editing comments other than to remove profanity and personal phone numbers, please be thoughtful with what you say. We have thick skin, appreciate criticism, but ask that you stay cordial with each other.  This blog is a place for people of all ages who love gemstones and jewelry, and we want to keep it a family tone.   

For many of the long time customers out there, you know that we always bring our blog front and center during the Tucson Gem Show and Gem Expo - and then let the blog return to its normal location after those two events.  This is still our plan and at midnight on Saturday, the link to the blog will be found at the bottom of our website.  If you ever need to find it, visit our site and scroll down, or please bookmark http://jewelrytelevision.typepad.com/.

We have several more videos from Tucson on deck, photos, Vault posts, Jewel School, and lots of great jewelry coming up.  It's great to see that you're asking for more topics, and the blog is going to continue to be a more active place for you to tune-in.  Feel free to send suggestions for blog topics (not customer service questions) to blog@jtv.com, and we'll see what we can do. 

Were you able to read all 22 Tucson posts from last weekend? 
If not, check this link:

The Jewelry Television Team

Update: We've posted an open thread so you can continue this discussion at a new link. Visit the post at this link: Open Thread

Update 2/29/08: A new Andesine FAQ has been posted. To read and comment, click here:
Andesine-Labradorite – Frequently Asked Questions Part 3

February 13, 2008

Andesine - Frequently Asked Questions

We've been reading along with customer comments on our blog with great interest.  The volume of questions and reaction to our andesine-labradorite announcements has simply blown us away.  This is the first time the blog has become a forum for community, and we're excited to open the floodgates for feedback.  Good, bad and ugly; we appreciate the opportunity to hear our customer's joys and concerns.   To date, the blog has received 1242 comments! 

As we digest the core questions we see appearing across the comment threads, we're trying to get to the most frequent questions first.  Take a look at our new andesine-labradorite F.A.Q. page, and let us know your thoughts in the comments of this post.   Here are the initial questions we're tackling:

   1. What is Andesine Labradorite?
   2. Why does JTV call our red and green gemstones andesine-labradorite?
   3. Where is yellow labradorite found?
   4. Do andesine and labradorite come in the same colors?
   5. What gives red and green andesine-labradorite their color?
   6. Is the color stable? Will my red or green andesine-labradorite fade?
   7. Does heat treatment affect the value?

Feel free to pass this link around:

Additionally, we encourage you to email customer service.  We've set up a special email address for andesine questions: andesine@jtv.com.  Please take advantage of this new email address.   Post your experience in the comments as well, and let us know how it goes.

We want you know that we're reading along, just like you, and foremost we want to answer your questions.  Secondly, we want to encourage the community to keep giving us feedback.  The doors are open.  We're not censoring, as you can see!   

Jewelry Television


Update 2/29/08: A new Andesine FAQ has been posted. To read and comment, click here:
Andesine-Labradorite – Frequently Asked Questions Part 3

February 12, 2008

Update on Andesine from Jerry Sisk

February 09, 2008

Jewel Hunter Jack: The Rarity of Andesine

Jewel Hunter Jack: An Inside Look at Andesine Mining

Jewel Hunter Jack: The Andesine-Labradorite Way of Life

Jewel Hunter Jack: Getting to the Andesine-Labradorite Mines

Does Heat Treating Affect the Value of Andesine?

Why Finding the Andesine Mine is Important

Finding the Source of Andesine-Labradorite

Understanding Andesine-Labradorite- Treatment

Jewelry Television Special Announcement: Andesine-labradorite

February 08, 2008

Where in the world is Andesine-Labradorite?

Note: This slide show has no sound

We’re on a world-wide search for andesine labradorite in red, green and yellow orange.  For years we’ve worked to identify its source, but it’s been a well-guarded secret – until now.  We sent our gemstone explorer, Jewel Hunter Jack on a mission to discover the location of andesine labradorite – and the truth about its color.  Now – after many months of research – we know the origin of the stone!

How many rumored sources does it have? … From The Congo, on to China, then to Canada – how about Tibet?  Does andesine-labradorite come from Tibet?

Soon, we’ll tell you the truth about its source … and its color.  Stay tuned every day as we unravel the hunt for the andesine-labradorite mine!

February 04, 2008

Latest News from Jerry Sisk on Andesine

At Jewelry Television, we go to great lengths to give our customers gemstone knowledge, the latest news, and, of course, the best values on jewelry and gemstones.  We make this possible by going to the source. Andesine Labradorite has been shrouded in mystery, and its source has been unconfirmed.  We are pleased to announce that JTV has discovered a small number of mines that yield dramatic orange, red, green, and yellow andesine-labradorite. In the days ahead, we will share the locations, as well as other valuable insights surrounding this fascinating stone, including its color!  At present, JTV is virtually out of red labradorite, but has two experienced teams of buyers searching for more finished goods. This is necessary due to the nature of the rough, and the remote and intemperate location of the mines we found. Our goal is to be as direct to the source as possible, but substantial lead time is involved from the point of procurement (of rough) to the finished product. Therefore our buying teams are working hard to fill that gap.

While we have been able to locate two large cutting runs of red andesine-labradorite, much of the material is below the minimum quality standards set forth by JTV. Our buyers are currently negotiating to procure any and all gemstones that exhibit the high level of quality that our customers have come to expect. In the future, Jewelry Television will do its best to procure sufficient rough from newly discovered mines to provide a consistent, if limited, supply of this incredibly popular gemstone.

-Jerry Sisk
Executive Vice President and Co-Founder
Graduate Gemologist (GIA)

February 01, 2008

Shawn O'Sullivan on Andesine

Shawn O'Sullivan sat down in the studio this afternoon to talk directly with our Jewelry Television customers about andesine-labradorite.

Jewelry Television's Search for the Andesine Labradorite Source

At Jewelry Television, we go to great lengths to open the world of jewelry and gemstones to everyone, sharing our product knowledge and expertise to help you make informed buying decisions.

To help us in that mission, we’re proud to announce the addition of an exciting new member to our Jewelry Television team  – Jewel Hunter Jack.  A seasoned explorer and world traveler, Jewel Hunter Jack navigates rugged terrain and territories, uncovering the sources of  Mother Nature’s most elusive stones.  If anybody can find a gemstone source, it’s Jewel Hunter Jack!

And his first mission? – locate an andesine labradorite mine that yields dramatic red, green and yellow labradorite. And guess what – mission accomplished!  It’s taken Jewel Hunter Jack several months to track it down – but he did – and we now know its location, as well as other valuable insight surrounding this fascinating stone, including its color! It’s exciting news, and we'll pass all that information along in a few days.

So stay tuned every day as we  unravel the hunt for the andesine labradorite mine!

January 31, 2008

Update on Andesine-Labradorite

Andesine, originally uploaded by jstonepix.

Note: You can read the latest andesine-labradorite news in our andesine updates.

January 31, 2008

As you may already know, JTV wants to open the world of jewelry and gemstones to everyone. We want to bring our customers the best up-to-date information available. As you may already know, we are on the cusp of announcing information regarding andesine-labradorite that no one in the gem world has been able to discover! As expected, our pending announcement has created a lot of interest, not only by our customers, but by experts. We have worked with these experts and scientists over the past 6 years and they are anxiously awaiting our news as well! So be patient and stay tuned; over the next few days we will start our announcement.

What we did not expect, though, was the overwhelming demand for our supply of andesine-labradorite. Over the past few days, our inventory has been reduced to a fraction of its original level, causing us to fear a complete sell out of our entire inventory! And we have not even made our announcement yet. We have experienced sell-out after sell-out of every size, shape and price in every color of labradorite-andesine, not only in gemstones, but jewelry as well.

We fully expect to sell out of our inventory. We want to continue to meet the demand so we challenged our buyers to find more andesine-labradorite. Putting all other projects aside, they contacted everyone they knew world-wide to find more of these beautiful gems. Late yesterday, they located a limited supply.

They uncovered a few suppliers willing to negotiate a sale. Our buyers are now flying across the globe to negotiate this purchase. We hope they will be successful. If so, we will have more material to bring you at some time in the near future. If not, we will sell out of our inventory.

Stay tuned as JTV brings you up to date information about this gem as well as updates regarding our inventory.

If you enjoy the color of this beautiful gem, don’t wait for another opportunity to come to you. You decide. This opportunity may not come again though we will aggressively negotiate with suppliers to bring this gem to you. But if you have ever considered purchasing andesine-labradorite, why wait?

Experience the beauty of andesine-labradorite today. JTV is inviting you to purchase your favorite color, or why not own one in every shade?

Once you try us, you’ll want to stay with us. Get to know JTV; you’ll be glad you did. We are just a phone call away, and so is your andesine-labradorite!

Shop red andesine-labradorite. Shop green andesine-labradorite.