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5/16/2008 11:14:00 PM

A piece of Brazil started to wave goodbye to the Rossoneri fans today liveon Milan Channel. Cafu and Serginho on Sunday will bid farewell to the SanSiro public, who supported them throughout these years with the Rossonerishirt.

MILANELLO – These are the declarations of Marcos Cafu and Serginho during
today’s program ‘Segni Particolari’ on 'Milan Channel’:

Marcos Cafu:

"Five years ago I chose to come to Milan because I knew that it was a serious and important club, where here I could have proven everything I had previously learnt in my football past. I lived five marvellous years in which I managed to win everything. It will remain to me an unforgettable memory. When I arrived in the summer of 2003, Milan had just won the Champions League in the Manchester final and today Milan is still for the next few days European Champion following the Athens final. With Milan we won many titles. In these five years we also became World Champions and Italian champions. I think that inside me this happiness,
for all the titles I won here together with my team-mates, will remain. The moment to leave has arrived. It’s sad and tough, but I knew that sooner or later the time to return home would have arrived, to return to Brazil to my family. My children have been fine here in Italy, especially in Milan.

"When I arrived at Milan I found coach Carlo Ancelotti who also he knew the Roma environment. In the first game at Rome, there was the curiosity to see the reaction towards me of the Giallorossi fans. In Rome I spent six marvellous years, I won the league title and what I will hold both from the Roma and Rossoneri fans is surely a wonderful memory."

"I have arrived at the moment to say goodbye. I don’t know whether I will play when I go back to Brazil. Sunday will be my last game, I don't know if the coach will allow me to play, but I will be ready for this important game which will not be just my farewell game, but also an important game for Milan. Carlo Ancelotti can count on me on all fronts. It will not be easy saying goodbye to the fans who have welcomed me in a fantastic way, so I hope not to have disappointed anyone. I will still continue to side
for Milan.

"In my career I won thirty-two titles. It's surely a nice satisfaction both from the personal as well as the professional point of view. This means that my career has been victorious. I won everything and I’m really happy."


"After my back problem which I sustained two years ago I wasn't able to get back to my old level, so I think it's time to say goodbye. I arrived at Milan in the summer of 1999 along with Gattuso and Shevchenko, I was 27, nine splendid years have gone by and I have to thank the club, the fans for the great environment which has welcomed me here. In Milan I have also been part of a Brazilian colony, which was wonderful.
In these two years I have suffered because my back prevented me from expressing myself at my level, I tried in every way, but I didn't find a solution. Now that I'm 36, I have decided to accept this problem and quit, because before I never had any serious injuries.

I thank Milan for what they have done in these nine years, I always gave my all and dedicated myself to this shirt. Also Silvio Berlusconi showed me his esteem and that gives me great pleasure because it's not easy to satisfy such a demanding person.

I came to Milan with the aim of completing a mission, I feel today it has been carried out and I calmly accept that my career is over. Sunday will be a difficult moment for me because San Siro has become a home for me and all the fans have always shown their closeness to the team. Saying goodbye is always hard, but personally I am calm and satisfied with what I've done for this team. I leave with the knowledge that I have given 100% of myself, and since today I am unable to give that 100% anymore, I think the most intelligent decision is to leave."

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